Runway Recap Hijacked by Righteous Indignation

25 09 2009

By Megan

Ok, so I am late on last week’s Project Runway Recap. I suck, I am sorry, and I will never do it again. I was going to write a Runway article, I really was; however, this article caught my eye and got my Irish up. I can say that because, really, my name is Megan Murray…figure it out.  

Before I link to the article, I want you to all make sure you are sitting down and do not have a drink in your mouth. I will wait. Ok, here is the link that blew my mind:  

Oh yes, Canadian Designer Mark Fast grew a set of big ones and used sized 14 models along with traditional models to show his fashion line.  

I know, I looked for the four horseman of the Apocalypse, played the lottery, and almost tried the blowfish. I mean, what about all the excuses all the designers use about how they NEVER could EVER properly show their clothes on ANYONE over a size -12.  

You see, you can’t showcase a designer’s work on someone who is at the proper weight and height for someone who is 5’10 


STOP STOP STOP- If you are going to give me the FAT IS UNHEALTHY speech, turn off the computer and walk away. These women aren’t unhealthy and they are curvy and muscular.

Now, why could I POSSIBLY be angry about this awesomeness? According to the article a stylist and some management quit over the designers vision to have people who wear a size 12 and up walk the runway.  People were actually angered by making fashion accessible to a larger amount of people in a time when the fashion industry is scraping for dollars. Besides being size-ist and unreasonable, is it economically feasible to alienate a large part of the population?  

I also want to applaud the designer for having the skills to create fashion that fits over curves. It isn’t easy to make a dress, and I long suspected designers used very thin models to hide the fact that they can’t sew very well. It is obvious Mark Fast is one hell of a dress maker. Fast’s decision is also a brilliant PR move. In a time when there is resentment towards the luxury market, this designer gave us all a big huge hug. A big, huge, 2000 dollar hug, but a hug nonetheless. 

Give Mark a little love at:


Ask an Artist: Chemo Care

24 09 2009

By Jessi

PL Reader: I’m about to start a course of chemotherapy, and I know I’ll have to change up my beauty routine as the inevitable hair loss occurs. Can you give me some new tricks I can rely on?

Jessi: I want to begin by stating that I’m terribly sorry to hear of your health issues and wish a speedy recovery after chemotherapy.  I lost a grandmother 10 years ago to stomach cancer, so this subject is very dear to me! 

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Brow shaping:

The first thing you should do is have a picture of yourself as your basis for what your brows naturally are shaped like and try to use that as your guideline.  If you don’t feel comfortable drawing in your brows, then by all means go stencil shopping!  And when shopping, make sure that the brow color matches your natural hair color, (if you wear a wig, and it’s a different color than natural, make sure to be within your natural color and the wig color choice, not darker than the wig).  I also suggest a sealer of types for after your brow application, this will help you waterproof your brow look for an even longer wear.  Unfortunately every climate and skin type is different so I will suggest a few highly recommended products!
A great tip I always use is the pencil trick.  I really don’t remember where I got it from but it really is a “no fail” trick.  Place a pencil next to and parallel to your nose.  The top of the pencil should be at the beginning inner point of your brow, then if you rotate the pencil holding it at your nose in the direction towards your ear, (following the length of the brow), your highest point or arch in your brow should be where your pencil is just past your iris.  Try it, it really works!

When you find your stencil, or eyeshape.  Draw on the brows with your pencil in a upward motion mimicking the look of short brow hairs.  When you have your desired amount and shape of brow, blend with a spooley or brow brush to soften.  Then apply a sealer on top to assure all day, smudge proof wear!

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Stix, $14.00: This product comes in 3 different sizes with 5 disposable and self adhesive stencils, for easy application

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Stencils, $20.00:  This product comes in 5 different sizes made out of durable plastic they are easy to clean and reusable.
From the Anastasia website: 

Petite Arch – Suggested for small facial features
Slim High Arch – Recommended for brows in training, growth challenged, thin or sparse brows
Medium Arch – Suggested for straight, flat brows or brows with little to no natural arch
High Arch – Suggested for full brows and larger facial features
Full Arch – Recommended for the fullest shape and larger facial features

Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils, $3.99:  One package has 4 brow sizes, easy to clean and reusable.

Brow Pencils
Dior Powder Brow Pencil, $26: With three shades to choose from this duo pencil with a shadow color on one side and pencil color on the other.  Long wearing even in warm weather.

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil,  $22: Six shades to choose from, and a double ended pencil, one side with the shade and the other a brow brush for blending.

Make Up For Ever Eyebrow Pencil, $18: Five colors to choose from with long lasting effect

Sephora Eye Brow Pencil, $10 :Only three colors to choose from, with long wear and a eye brow color blending brush on the lid.

Beautique Brow Pencil, $2.99: six shades available, also double ended with a brow brush, and are smudge proof.


Benefit Cosmetics She Laq,  $30: A clear liquid that seals makeup with stay put power, leaving it smudge proof.  It comes with 5 different brushes for all of your stay put needs!  This stuff really works, it just leaves a shiny effect.  Be sure to lightly dust powder over to dull.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of
 Model in a Bottle Long Lasting Eye Brow Sealer and/or Original/Sensitive Formula Spray, $12 – $18.: The Model in a Bottle is Sheila tested and approved!  I saw the Eyebrow sealer and HAD to mention it!  This product delivers a matte finish after application for sealing your look all day through any weather, either all over or just for your brows.
Lashes and Eyeliner
To achieve a lash line or a tight line close to your eye.  The easiest product I suggest is to use a eyeliner, (angled) brush with a cake liner.  You can also use a really sharp eyeliner pencil then smudge proof with the Benefit She Laq I mentioned above.  The smudge proof cake liners that I love are the following, and you can purchase them in a variety of colors. 

MAC Cosmetics Fluidline, $15

Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner, $22

For an idea of what the eyeliner brush should look like, this is the easiest one to use if you aren’t used to lining eyes with a brush.

MAC Small Angle Brush, $19.50

If you want to have lashes, you can purchase shorter lashes that really look natural.  The trick is to line the eye before applying lashes to help hide the false lash seam line.  And if you don’t want to apply the lashes or, with lashes for a more dramatic look, then apply the liner to the upper lash/inner rim of the eye with the liners I suggested.  Do this by pulling eyelid away from eye by raising brow with index finger then apply carefully.   It certainly takes practice.  But practice makes perfect!

Ellis Faas Lipcolor Review

24 09 2009

By Taryn

While scrolling through the comments on another blog, I saw someone talking about Ellis Faas lip products and how good their reds are.  I went to the website, intrigued, and saw that her products come in three formulas: Creamy Lips, Milky Lips and Glazed Lips.  Bright reds are not really flattering on me anymore, but I can wear a sheerer red, and that’s where the Glazed Lips come in.


Packaged in sleek, bullet-like silver tubes, all Ellis Faas lip colors are in a click-pen format.  The Glazed Lips almost have a watercolor-like consistency, where you can see through them yet they still provide a good amount of pigment.  They come with brush applicators, but I have better luck using my own lip brush rather than their applicator, which tends to just spread the color around, making it look uneven and slightly messy.

I’ve also found that wearing a lip liner under these will give your lips a cleaner appearance, as well as slightly better coverage and lasting time.


Glazed Lips L301 and L303

While these are expensive at 24.95 Euros (about $36.87 USD), they made for a nice splurge and definitely have a unique look to them.  I wish the applicator was easier to use and the product blended in a little better, but so far I haven’t found lip colors that look this wet and watercolor-esque from any other brand.

They can be purchased at

Summary: Expensive, but unique liquid lip colors that have a thinner consistency yet brilliant pigmentation.

Confession Time: My Favorite Mascara

24 09 2009

By Sheila

It’s confession week here at Painted Ladies, and today I have yet another dark (but not dirty) secret to share with you. 

Years ago, when I worked in cosmetics retail sales for a big name company, they would tell  us to make sure to push their latest and greatest mascara to everyone we’d encounter. Sure they were pretty good mascaras, but whenever a customer would ask what my favorite mascara was, I’d pull them aside, look down, and say in a shushed voice, “Run to the drugstore and get some Cover Girl.” 

My name is Sheila, and I was a disloyal sales person. Above all, I am a makeup junkie, and I could never have lied and told people not to get something I considered the very best. Although I’ve been a faithful devotee of Dior Show for about a year, I always have a tube of Cover Girl LashBlast around and use it when my Dior has gone mysteriously missing. I think we all know who would be to blame for that by now (wink). 

In all my years of using makeup, I’ve found Cover Girl mascaras to be an excellent quality as they don’t flake, don’t clump, hold a curl all day long, and really get your lashes looking their very best. Cover Girl is always coming out with new formulas and new brushes that improve upon the last versions. If it’s a case of brush versus formula, they win all the way around. 

On top of all those fabulous features, the price is unbeatable, and being a drugstore item, they frequently are part of buy-one-get-one specials, or discounted with readily available coupons. 

As for my furtive product recommendations in my sales days: did I do that for other products? Maybe …. You’ll have to stick around for those confessions. 😉

 What’s your favorite mascara? Have you found that low-end mascaras work just as well as high-end ones?

Ask an Artist: Jessi’s Top Ten

23 09 2009

We asked Painted Ladies Expert Jessi  to give us a sneak peek into her makeup kit, which, as she says, is actually a piece of luggage! Here, in Jessi’s words, are her top ten can’t-live-without-’em products:

Along with the many other must have’s i.e. foundation, powder and what not I decided to write up Top 10 favorite products/tools that are must have’s in my professional kit and personal stash!

Pro Kit
1. Shiny Mama Cosmetics; GLEAM ALL eye pencils in FROST/SUNRAY: This beautiful pencil will give you that pop of brightness in your inner corner of your eye, or blend with your fingers for anywhere application to get that beautiful shimmery glow! You can even add, (with your finger) on top of your lipstick, into the center of your lower lip to add that perfect pout!

2. Amazing Cosmetics, Amazing Concealer: I cannot tell you how amazing this concealer is. Dark Circles BEGONE! Not only does it work for undereye, but it’s just as amazing for imperfections. Be sure to use very sparingly, a little goes oh so FAR!

3. Sephora Brand Heated Lash Curler, this innovated little tool cannot be replaced in my kit. It’s battery operated which conveniently comes inside the package. It looks just like a mascara wand, but it has a heated core that actually curls the lashes! No pinching, no demarkation lines from the traditional curler and NO FAIL! So easy to use, after mascara application, place the comb on your base of the lashes, (just like you are applying mascara), comb through slowly and hold for a couple seconds. Just remember to keep the battery out of tool when you aren’t using it.

4. Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Stay On Lipliner, in every shade they have! I absolutely love the colors, and I haven’t had any issues with bleeding. My MAC red lip liners I found bled through so I sought out a liner that would do it’s job and HOLD the line of the lipstick! My favorite shades are Cherry Kiss and Coffee Bean.

5. MAC Cosmetics Paint Pot in Rubenesque, this little workhorse is so amazing, it will last all day, (practically waterproof), it has a color you can wear all by itself or used as a primer for under matte tones as well as light shimmer or pearl tones! I absolutely love this color and product!

MY Stash
6. Cover Girl LashBlast in Very Black, I cannot use any other mascara. This is my new favorite!

7. Origins Peace of Mind. Truly on the spot relief! The saying goes “You’ll feel a tingling sensation as pressure, tension and tightness begin to melt away.” And it really does, the smell the feeling oh this stuff is heaven, just a couple drops on your temples or neck and peace at last!

8. Benefit Box o’ Powder in Dallas, my alltime personal fav for my blush/bronzer! This beautiful color is such a rich pinky-plum with a hint of bronze for that perfect 2 in one for me!

9. Rosebud Pefume Co.’s Minted Rose Lip Balm, is my answer to chapped, and dry lips, it helps hydrate, has a minty cool feeling and actually works. I travel often for television shows and I cannot tell you how much this product has helped me! It also works to smooth elbows!

10. My last favorite that I cannot live with out and I completely splurge on this for myself, (since it lasts forever) is the Guerlain Paris Meteorites Powder for the Face. This finishing powder has such a light feeling, beautiful flawless coverage. I just cannot replace it and look the same! I have tried to look for other products that give me the same even, radiating, no makeup look… It’s just not possible!

Ask An Artist: Jason

23 09 2009

By Jason

Q: What are ways to get out of a makeup rut?

A: Two things I do for myself when I am in a makeup rut:

First, look through magazines, newspapers, on-line images and the like for inspirations. I have a file of tear sheets and print-outs going back years which still offer me makeup ideas; I look for images showing Classic, Trend and Artistic or Graphic applications.

Second, given my background as a retail makeup artist, I suggest a visit to the makeup counter at a favorite department/cosmetics store. Regardless of which store you visit, there is surely to be a gaggle of retail artists waiting to put you into their line’s latest color story. Scope each counter out, identify the line which suits you best, observe the artists, identify the artist you trust most to paint you. (The best artists may require a bit of a wait) AND be prepared to buy a product or two, a color or texture you don’t already have.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Also, keep in mind that a visit to a makeup counter should not just be about the makeup artist putting the makeup on you, but it should be an educational experience, an instructional application. Make sure to ask questions and watch the demo in the mirror whenever possible.

Last but not least, when trying something new (product or technique), give yourself some time. There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed during the creative process.

You Tube “It Pick” 9 -23-09

23 09 2009

By Sheila

Ya wanna know my dirty little secret? I’m single, no where near close to being married, and yet completely obsessed with weddings  in a  bad, bad way.

Silly, I know, but I just can’t get enough of the pageantry of it all. I love the care that’s put into the details, the photography, the invitations, the planning, the dressing up, the shoes that are all a part of this rite of passage so many of us engage in.

So, while doing my usual late night Google Reader browsing with my 1,209,887 wedding related blogs in tow, I came across a very, very cool makeup tutorial by TheMakeupRepublic.

Ok? Hello? FIERCE!

What is not to love about this? The makeup is right on target, and not only that, the videography and photography kicks bootie (Dear Santa, this camera is exactly what I want for Christmas. I’ve been good. Thanks.)

Not only that,  it’s a beautiful, extremely wearable look. I am just so impressed with the attention to detail and how easy it is to follow along with the tutorial steps. It’s not like this gal needs a lot of makeup in the first place, but she wears it so well and shows her audience precicely how to acheive that look. The next best thing to having a personal makeup artist may as well be having this YouTube user’s channel on repeat.

This week’s “It” pick? Extremely well deserved.