4 10 2009

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Contest Winner Revealed!

19 09 2009

Well, here we are and it’s time to announce the winner of our latest contest, and perhaps the greatest, even though we’ve only had a total of TWO contests so far!

We’re giving away a Stila Precious Pearl’s palette and a custom stationery set, and without dragging it on, here’s the 411 on the very lucky winner of this set.

To make sure the winner was chosen fairly, every unique name was entered into an excel spreadsheet in order of the time they entered. From those names, I ran them through Random Interger aaaaand the winner is … lucky number 23!


aka, Lorena!!!!


Congrats!!! We’ll contact you to get your information and will send you this great prize ASAP!

Stay tuned for some more contests in the coming weeks!!!

I’ll Try it Episode 3- Oh! The Places You’ll Glow!

13 09 2009

By Megan 


Courtesy of

It’s that time of year again, the first frost is fast approaching the East Coast and a girl’s mind turns to Fall/Winter looks. Somewhere in my imagination I am a porcelain-skinned goddess with perfectly flushed cheeks, lips, and sparkled fairy eyes. I have long chased this look and had varying degrees of disaster. I believe my first stint with perfectly flushed cheeks and lips started with a peculiar green colored lipstick that, when on your lips, turned to your amazing “just bitten” lip shade. You remember these lipsticks; they turned the same color of “ old lady going to church” on just about everyone. I never learn my lesson on make-up gimmicks so I just HAD to try Smashbox’s  O-Glow.

 Smashbox O-Glow is supposed to make your cheeks look like you’ve just watched that dream Sookie had about Eric Northman on True Blood. The clear gel is supposed to go on your skin, adapt to your color with some star-trek color technology and give you an amazing flush.  Smashbox calls it an “intuitive cheek color” that adapts to your chemistry because of some magic smurf or goji berry. I was smitten.

Unfortunately, it seems my body chemistry had different ideas than I had. The O-Glow did not give me the snow princess-flush…oh no, the minute the gel hit my finger it turned to a color known only by interior designers whose portfolio exhibits businesses named “ The Dollhouse” and “Bang-Bangs.” I am not one who is afraid of color, so I put this on my cheeks anyway. The results were not very good. Every pore was encircled by a bright pink glow. The effect was more “ smacked about” and less “ just made out.” I was so disappointed, so I stashed it away. 

This morning, however, I had a stroke of genius. I applied the O-Glow under my Stila Illuminating foundation, followed by MAC Blot powder. Quelle Surprise!! It was a gorgeous lit-from-within look. I even went so far as to put it on my lips. It works beautifully as a quick lip look. I didn’t check to see if it was lip-safe, so I might grow another head over-night. You may want to check on the lip-safe stuff yourself. 

I really should’ve known better. I was the one who discovered that a damp sponge takes Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation from mask-like to utterly flawless.  I guess I have to remember that application is often way more important than product!!

Smashbox O-Glow is available at Sephora and retails for $26.

Ask an Artist: Eyeliner Quandaries

12 09 2009

By Norma

Q:  I was watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and realized something – for all that these women do to look younger, they age themselves instantly with their very heavy eye makeup. Can you weigh in on this and offer some tips to avoid aging yourself with your eye makeup?

A:  Unfortunately, “SEXY” sells and Desperate Housewives is a sexy show.  They obviously choose dramatic make up for them because dramatic, dark make up is known to be an attention-grabber.

Kimberly from RHOC, courtesy of

Kimberly from RHOC, courtesy of

I am so guilty of that.  I am 41 years old and I LOVE heavy Smoky eyes on date night with my hubby or especially a girls night out.  It makes me feel better about myself and I do feel my sexiest!  However, that’s evening, not all day long or right when I wake up, like on the show.

The REAL solution to looking sexy, beautiful and as young as you can is simply to always wear make up but not necessarily in the dramatic shades that the women of RHOC are notorious for sporting.  I call it the Christie Brinkley look.  The key is to avoid black completely, which includes black eye shadow, eye liner and black mascara as well.  To acheive the “Christie Brinkley” look, stick to more natural hues like pink, coral or bronze.  Line with a brown pencil instead and use brown mascara.  A brown/black mascara is good for brunettes and also for evening wear.

Inner Beauty: Nie Nie

11 09 2009

By Sheila

Admittedly, this is a hard post for me to write, but I feel that it is something I am compelled to include on this blog. Even though we write about enhancing outer beauty, we cannot forget the importance of cultivating our inner beauty, as it is most certainly linked to our external appearance.

You can spend hours applying makeup, you can pay thousands of dollars for cosmetic surgeries, but if there’s nothing going on in the inside, something is always going to be “off”. We all have at least one example of this from the people we encounter in our regular lives, that person who is always wanting,always yearning for that certain quality they can never acheive.

Courtesy of

Bad things happen. People become disfigured through accidents, illnesses, and for whatever reason or another, don’t match our ideals of physical beauty. However, there are people who, despite enduring pain and suffering, exude such love and such faith that even though they don’t look as they SHOULD, they are nonetheless extremely beautiful.

Such is the case of Nie Nie: a blogger and  victim of a horrible plane crash last year, she beat tremendous odds against her and survived and is currently thriving. After much time spent recovering, she is getting used to being in a routine again, and also battling the fact that her physical appearance has drastically changed. Her face and body were badly burned and she will never look the way she did pre-crash.

I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to look in the mirror and realize you have to get used to a completely new you, but Nie Nie is doing that very thing and in the meanwhile living a very fulfilling life. This look in her eyes as she’s gazing up at her husband? It makes her a million times more beautiful to me than so many others I’ve enountered in the often fake world of fashion and makeup.

Nie Nie, this post is dedicated to you, for showing me and countless others that true beauty doesn’t exist merely on the physical level. Thank you.

What have you done to enhance your inner beauty lately?

Deals and Steals

9 09 2009

By Sheila

Beauty bargains are aplenty online lately – here’s some cool things that have landed on our radar:

From Tarte Cosmetics, FREE eraser with purchase of lifted, dark circle defense or emphasEYES brow. Code: ERASER99

MAC Cosmetics is offering free shipping with purchases of $60 or more.

From OCC Makeup, $50 off their normal price of their Airbrush Systems.

Stila Cosmetics has some fun freebies with a $50 purchase.

Some info on the Neiman Marcus in-store GWP event, which is starting tomorrow!

There’s nothing like a bargain!

Weekly Recap, 9/6/09

6 09 2009

Thank you all for another great week! Next week we have all kinds of fun things in the work — our first video, more contests, and some great reviews.  Not to mention, the blog will be shifting to a permanent URL, so keep your eyes mascara’d and pretty for that announcement!

Maven Lisa reviews her favorite etailers.

Taryn reviews Avon’s Truly Magical Primer (and causes a rush to the nearest Avon lady for many of us).

Little known lipstick facts.

We meet Norma Blaque, our newest expert.

This week’s YouTube “It” pick

Megan reviews the EZ Comb.