How to Achieve Skin as Smooth as Glass for Mere Dollars

21 09 2009

By Taryn

I’ve used some pricey exfoliators, but most of them aren’t really any better than the budget-friendly alternative I’m going to share with you: the Salux wash cloth. This is a cloth made of nylon that is sold in various Asian markets and online, where it’s slightly more expensive. This is not for people with sensitive skin and active blemishes, as it’s quite coarse and needs to be used very gently. It’s made for the body, but I find it works wonderfully on the face as well.

I simply lather it up with my favorite facial cleanser and proceed to go over my face in a circular motion very gently. I can’t emphasize how gently you need to use this because otherwise you will end up with irritated skin. Used properly, however, it will leave your face feeling smooth as glass and flake-free.

I was fortunate to find these in Marukai Supermarket in Little Tokyo while I was visiting Los Angeles, but if you don’t have an Asian market nearby, I’ve found to have excellent customer service, fast shipping and reasonable prices. They also include free samples of various Asian products as well.  Additionally, they have an Amazon storefront.

Another bonus? These are machine washable.  I’ve washed mine with a delicate detergent in my front-loader several times without it falling apart.

Not a bad price for saying adios to those irritating flakes that ruin your makeup application, huh?