Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil Review

22 09 2009

By Taryn

Awhile ago, I ran out of my DHC Cleansing Oil and decided to try Origins’ new Clean Energy product. I like cleansing oils because they thoroughly remove makeup, are water soluble, non-drying and you’re not tugging at your face to get it perfectly clean.

Origins has not let me down and they have created a very good product. Clean Energy smells better than the DHC, has a lighter consistency, has all-natural ingredients and works just as well. The essential oils in Clean Energy may be irritating to some skin types, but I found I didn’t have a problem other than it stinging a bit if I got it in my eyes.  Still, it is paraben-free and that’s a big plus for me, since the DHC contains one paraben.

What’s also nice about the Origins product is that you can pop into Macy’s or any other store they sell the line in to purchase it, rather than having to get it online. I like online shopping, but it’s nice to have the option of buying something in a store if you realize you’re suddenly running low. Another plus is not having to pay the shipping fees.

The Origins is 6.7 fl. oz and the DHC also comes in the same size. One downside is that the Origins comes with a screw top, and you have to buy the pump separately for $1. Still, with the added cost of the pump, the Clean Energy comes out to $19.50 and the DHC at $25, which is a pretty significant price difference for a product that does essentially the same thing.

Summary: Both remove makeup very well; DHC is slightly less irritating for sensitive skin, yet Origins will work for most skin types, is cheaper and contains no harmful chemicals.