Retro Corner: Maybelline’s Shine Free Line

26 09 2009

By Taryn

Back in the late 80s, early 90s, Maybelline had a line called Shine Free cosmetics, and my gosh, how I loved that brand.  They had dozens of little lipsticks packaged in the cutest pink tubes with the best scent (well, it was that phony lipstick scent, but I still liked it back then).  They also had eye shadow singles, powders, foundations and mascara, and the line had a very colorful ad campaign.  One of my favorite ads is the one below:


That was 1988 for you – full of bright, tropical makeup looks and colorful packaging.  I fondly remember slathering on their frosty pink lipsticks and neon blue mascara.

Anyone else out there remember Shine Free?




13 responses

26 09 2009

I absolutely remember Shine Free…those ads, those teensy pink eyeshadow compacts…yes! I think there was a shadow called Teddy Bear Brown, and I had it. I also believe I had a powder compact. In a side note, this ad reminds me a lot of the Maybelline ads for Baby Lash mascara, and I loved that as well.

19 05 2015

I loooved Teddy Bear Brown! And I had all of the Shine Free colored mascaras. If they made Shine Free again, I would wear it, even though I am now in my 40s! Lol!

26 09 2009

Yes, I was all over that Shine Free stuff back then! If I can recall, the foundation actually worked pretty well on my oily, teen-aged skin.

26 09 2009

Oh, yes! The light colored Shine Free eyeshadows were some of the few makeup items I was allowed to wear when I was in junior high. I also had the pressed powder… in a color completely wrong for me, but oh well! For some reason I’m mentally linking them to writing on the bright blue 3 hole punched paper that I had around the same time. Must be the strength of the era’s color scheme!

2 10 2009

I remember this line. I loved it and it did control the oilness. I do miss the loose powder.

23 02 2010

I’m still missing the Shine Free foundation. Maybelline’s replacement for it is terrible.

14 11 2010
Cordless Screwdriver ·

eye shadows can really make a great looking face specially if it was done by a professional make up artist *`.

20 04 2012
Laurie Gaudet

I loved it! Do you have any more pics? I’ve been searching everywhere for photos. I seem to remember a cute little tub of loose powder. And Kissing Koolers which you can still buy online. I think they were out around the same time.

1 06 2012

I loved this stuff! I have been trying to find old ad images. I absolutely love the purple loose powder contain with the brush! The little eyeshadows! Loved them! For some reason I can only vaguely remember the lipsticks. Curved round top on a purple case?

1 06 2012
Laurie Gaudet

Tina if you find anything please let me know. I have been looking everywhere. Some ads do go up for sale in eBay but haven’t found everything yet.

23 01 2014

holy sh*t, I had a caboodles full of this stuff!

19 01 2015
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15 12 2016

I absolutely remember Shine Free
cosmetics and my favorite product was the face pressed powder compact.
Also I loved the model because the campaign used a model of a different ethnicity. Does anyone knows what is the name of the model of this particular campaign. If so please post.

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