Runway Recap Hijacked by Righteous Indignation

25 09 2009

By Megan

Ok, so I am late on last week’s Project Runway Recap. I suck, I am sorry, and I will never do it again. I was going to write a Runway article, I really was; however, this article caught my eye and got my Irish up. I can say that because, really, my name is Megan Murray…figure it out.  

Before I link to the article, I want you to all make sure you are sitting down and do not have a drink in your mouth. I will wait. Ok, here is the link that blew my mind:  

Oh yes, Canadian Designer Mark Fast grew a set of big ones and used sized 14 models along with traditional models to show his fashion line.  

I know, I looked for the four horseman of the Apocalypse, played the lottery, and almost tried the blowfish. I mean, what about all the excuses all the designers use about how they NEVER could EVER properly show their clothes on ANYONE over a size -12.  

You see, you can’t showcase a designer’s work on someone who is at the proper weight and height for someone who is 5’10 


STOP STOP STOP- If you are going to give me the FAT IS UNHEALTHY speech, turn off the computer and walk away. These women aren’t unhealthy and they are curvy and muscular.

Now, why could I POSSIBLY be angry about this awesomeness? According to the article a stylist and some management quit over the designers vision to have people who wear a size 12 and up walk the runway.  People were actually angered by making fashion accessible to a larger amount of people in a time when the fashion industry is scraping for dollars. Besides being size-ist and unreasonable, is it economically feasible to alienate a large part of the population?  

I also want to applaud the designer for having the skills to create fashion that fits over curves. It isn’t easy to make a dress, and I long suspected designers used very thin models to hide the fact that they can’t sew very well. It is obvious Mark Fast is one hell of a dress maker. Fast’s decision is also a brilliant PR move. In a time when there is resentment towards the luxury market, this designer gave us all a big huge hug. A big, huge, 2000 dollar hug, but a hug nonetheless. 

Give Mark a little love at:




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