Ellis Faas Lipcolor Review

24 09 2009

By Taryn

While scrolling through the comments on another blog, I saw someone talking about Ellis Faas lip products and how good their reds are.  I went to the website, intrigued, and saw that her products come in three formulas: Creamy Lips, Milky Lips and Glazed Lips.  Bright reds are not really flattering on me anymore, but I can wear a sheerer red, and that’s where the Glazed Lips come in.


Packaged in sleek, bullet-like silver tubes, all Ellis Faas lip colors are in a click-pen format.  The Glazed Lips almost have a watercolor-like consistency, where you can see through them yet they still provide a good amount of pigment.  They come with brush applicators, but I have better luck using my own lip brush rather than their applicator, which tends to just spread the color around, making it look uneven and slightly messy.

I’ve also found that wearing a lip liner under these will give your lips a cleaner appearance, as well as slightly better coverage and lasting time.


Glazed Lips L301 and L303

While these are expensive at 24.95 Euros (about $36.87 USD), they made for a nice splurge and definitely have a unique look to them.  I wish the applicator was easier to use and the product blended in a little better, but so far I haven’t found lip colors that look this wet and watercolor-esque from any other brand.

They can be purchased at ellisfaas.com.

Summary: Expensive, but unique liquid lip colors that have a thinner consistency yet brilliant pigmentation.




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