Confession Time: My Favorite Mascara

24 09 2009

By Sheila

It’s confession week here at Painted Ladies, and today I have yet another dark (but not dirty) secret to share with you. 

Years ago, when I worked in cosmetics retail sales for a big name company, they would tell  us to make sure to push their latest and greatest mascara to everyone we’d encounter. Sure they were pretty good mascaras, but whenever a customer would ask what my favorite mascara was, I’d pull them aside, look down, and say in a shushed voice, “Run to the drugstore and get some Cover Girl.” 

My name is Sheila, and I was a disloyal sales person. Above all, I am a makeup junkie, and I could never have lied and told people not to get something I considered the very best. Although I’ve been a faithful devotee of Dior Show for about a year, I always have a tube of Cover Girl LashBlast around and use it when my Dior has gone mysteriously missing. I think we all know who would be to blame for that by now (wink). 

In all my years of using makeup, I’ve found Cover Girl mascaras to be an excellent quality as they don’t flake, don’t clump, hold a curl all day long, and really get your lashes looking their very best. Cover Girl is always coming out with new formulas and new brushes that improve upon the last versions. If it’s a case of brush versus formula, they win all the way around. 

On top of all those fabulous features, the price is unbeatable, and being a drugstore item, they frequently are part of buy-one-get-one specials, or discounted with readily available coupons. 

As for my furtive product recommendations in my sales days: did I do that for other products? Maybe …. You’ll have to stick around for those confessions. 😉

 What’s your favorite mascara? Have you found that low-end mascaras work just as well as high-end ones?




2 responses

25 09 2009

Anything wet with a plastic brush is my favourite! Mascara was in the dark ages til these new brushes were invented.

26 09 2009

I love LashBlast, too! CG VolumeExact used to be my #1 until LashBlast came out. It took some time getting used to the ginormous brush, but it makes my lashes look very lush, separated, and fluttery. I have both the waterproof and regular; I find that I reach for the waterproof more often than not. Inmho, CoverGirl has always made fantastic mascaras. I do love Lancome as well, but it’s a little pricey for me, because I wear contacts and do not keep my mascara more than 2 months.

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