Ask an Artist: Jessi’s Top Ten

23 09 2009

We asked Painted Ladies Expert Jessi  to give us a sneak peek into her makeup kit, which, as she says, is actually a piece of luggage! Here, in Jessi’s words, are her top ten can’t-live-without-’em products:

Along with the many other must have’s i.e. foundation, powder and what not I decided to write up Top 10 favorite products/tools that are must have’s in my professional kit and personal stash!

Pro Kit
1. Shiny Mama Cosmetics; GLEAM ALL eye pencils in FROST/SUNRAY: This beautiful pencil will give you that pop of brightness in your inner corner of your eye, or blend with your fingers for anywhere application to get that beautiful shimmery glow! You can even add, (with your finger) on top of your lipstick, into the center of your lower lip to add that perfect pout!

2. Amazing Cosmetics, Amazing Concealer: I cannot tell you how amazing this concealer is. Dark Circles BEGONE! Not only does it work for undereye, but it’s just as amazing for imperfections. Be sure to use very sparingly, a little goes oh so FAR!

3. Sephora Brand Heated Lash Curler, this innovated little tool cannot be replaced in my kit. It’s battery operated which conveniently comes inside the package. It looks just like a mascara wand, but it has a heated core that actually curls the lashes! No pinching, no demarkation lines from the traditional curler and NO FAIL! So easy to use, after mascara application, place the comb on your base of the lashes, (just like you are applying mascara), comb through slowly and hold for a couple seconds. Just remember to keep the battery out of tool when you aren’t using it.

4. Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Stay On Lipliner, in every shade they have! I absolutely love the colors, and I haven’t had any issues with bleeding. My MAC red lip liners I found bled through so I sought out a liner that would do it’s job and HOLD the line of the lipstick! My favorite shades are Cherry Kiss and Coffee Bean.

5. MAC Cosmetics Paint Pot in Rubenesque, this little workhorse is so amazing, it will last all day, (practically waterproof), it has a color you can wear all by itself or used as a primer for under matte tones as well as light shimmer or pearl tones! I absolutely love this color and product!

MY Stash
6. Cover Girl LashBlast in Very Black, I cannot use any other mascara. This is my new favorite!

7. Origins Peace of Mind. Truly on the spot relief! The saying goes “You’ll feel a tingling sensation as pressure, tension and tightness begin to melt away.” And it really does, the smell the feeling oh this stuff is heaven, just a couple drops on your temples or neck and peace at last!

8. Benefit Box o’ Powder in Dallas, my alltime personal fav for my blush/bronzer! This beautiful color is such a rich pinky-plum with a hint of bronze for that perfect 2 in one for me!

9. Rosebud Pefume Co.’s Minted Rose Lip Balm, is my answer to chapped, and dry lips, it helps hydrate, has a minty cool feeling and actually works. I travel often for television shows and I cannot tell you how much this product has helped me! It also works to smooth elbows!

10. My last favorite that I cannot live with out and I completely splurge on this for myself, (since it lasts forever) is the Guerlain Paris Meteorites Powder for the Face. This finishing powder has such a light feeling, beautiful flawless coverage. I just cannot replace it and look the same! I have tried to look for other products that give me the same even, radiating, no makeup look… It’s just not possible!




One response

9 11 2009

I love your tips! I’m definitely going to add several of your suggestions to my little makeup stash! Thanks so much for taking the time to offer your invaluable personal experience while mixing it with imagination and flair! Thanks Jessi!

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