Ask An Artist: Jason

23 09 2009

By Jason

Q: What are ways to get out of a makeup rut?

A: Two things I do for myself when I am in a makeup rut:

First, look through magazines, newspapers, on-line images and the like for inspirations. I have a file of tear sheets and print-outs going back years which still offer me makeup ideas; I look for images showing Classic, Trend and Artistic or Graphic applications.

Second, given my background as a retail makeup artist, I suggest a visit to the makeup counter at a favorite department/cosmetics store. Regardless of which store you visit, there is surely to be a gaggle of retail artists waiting to put you into their line’s latest color story. Scope each counter out, identify the line which suits you best, observe the artists, identify the artist you trust most to paint you. (The best artists may require a bit of a wait) AND be prepared to buy a product or two, a color or texture you don’t already have.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Also, keep in mind that a visit to a makeup counter should not just be about the makeup artist putting the makeup on you, but it should be an educational experience, an instructional application. Make sure to ask questions and watch the demo in the mirror whenever possible.

Last but not least, when trying something new (product or technique), give yourself some time. There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed during the creative process.




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