Book Review: Styling Your Face

21 09 2009

By Sheila

005Once the most celebrated name in the makeup industry, his name isn’t familiar to many these days. A precursor to Kevyn Aucoin, he was, in fact, was a major inspiration and shaper of Keyvn’s own illustrious career, whose work was known throughout the world.

Way Bandy was THE celebrity makeup artist of the 1970s and early ’80s and was known for his a heavy-yet- natural style and an eye for bringing out the best features in his celebrity clients. From humble beginnings, he followed his dream and helped secure the position of makeup artist as an important career path for many to follow.

In his relatively short career, Bandy wrote two books on makeup application, Designing Your Face and Styling Your 017Face. Both are out of print, but freely available on through used-sale vendors. I’ll also review Desiging Your Face in the near future.

In Styling Your Face, Bandy breaks down application techniques for 15 looks, or “designs”, for both men and women. Every section is illustrated in his hand drawings, with a meticulous list of the steps to acheive the design and the theory behind the looks.

If anything, it’s fascinating to look through the book and observe his techniques; there’s a lot of eyebrow bleaching, and his main technique with mixing of “dots” and “drops” of colors to acheive shades, for intance, here’s his recipe for a pale honey-golden lip color:

  • 1 dot gold powder eyeshadow
  • 2 drops beige liquid foundation
  • 3 dots clear lip gloss

025How many of you are running to your makeup kit to try that out?  Styling Your Face is, above all,  charming, and looking through his techniques, I realize that makeup application hasn’t changed much in the almost 30-years since the book was published. Here’s an interesting peek into Bandy’s work, courtesy of YouTube (ignore the creepy music!):





3 responses

21 09 2009
Jessi Pagel

Thank you so much for that book review, you must let me take a peek at it!!! And I loved that video! Amazing how styles and application transform!

21 09 2009

For sure! It’s really interesting to see his technique and I was thinking about replicating one and doing a breakdown for here. 🙂

23 09 2009

I’ve still got my Way Bandy book! He was fab, and so beautiful. He died much too soon.

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