NYX Champagne & Caviar Palette Review

20 09 2009

By Lisa

Few things in the world make me happier than finding new neutral eyeshadows.  They go with anything in my wardrobe, they work with virtually any shade of lipstick and blush, they can be used to create everything from a weekend look to black-tie, and they are virtually foolproof.  With neutrals, I never look like I have a black eye or that I am in the final stages of a head cold, which sometimes happens when I wear color. When I don’t know what face I want to put on, I start with neutral shadows and go from there. You can imagine my delight when NYX, one of the most reasonable and consistently excellent brands on the market, introduced a palette of 10 neutral shades – ranging from white to pink to champagne to taupe to chocolate to black.  Called Champagne & Caviar, it is part of NYX’s new Runway Collection of eyeshadow palettes.


Three of the colors in the palette are matte while the others have various amounts of sparkle and shimmer. All go on silky smooth and last all day without creasing. The best part about this palette is that you have so many options, and you can mix and match to suit any mood or occasion. Experiment! In a few minutes, you can do a casual daytime eye by using two shades, one slightly darker than the other. I like to use the lightest champagne shade with one of the lighter brown shades as contour.

For evening, you can build off this look and create a smokey eye by using the pink or white shade on the brow bone, adding a medium brown shade in the crease and outer corner, and lining with the chocolate brown or black shade.  One of the shades is a little too sparkly for me to wear all over my eye so I gently pat it on with a finger tip over another shade to give me just enough glow.  The Champagne & Caviar palette is small and sturdy enough to fit in your purse or suitcase, and the packaging is attractive.

The one downside to this palette is the colors are very sheer. I am fair so they all show up on me but women with darker complexions might not be happy with the results.  There are other palettes in the Runway Collection that offer bolder color choices and are worth a look.

I bought mine for $7.99 at a neighborhood beauty supply store but the brand is also sold in Ulta stores and online at http://www.cherryculture.com.



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