Review: Rosie Jane Cosmetics

15 09 2009

By Lisa

After reading about the high levels of lead in many lipsticks and the possible but unproven link between cancer and parabens, I’ve been seeking out cosmetics with more natural ingredients. While more products are being introduced, the pickings are still slim, so I am always excited when I find a new brand to try. When I heard about Rosie Jane Cosmetics, a small brand from Australia, I immediately wrote to their customer service explaining that I wanted a natural look for the fall. Within hours I received some recommendations and placed an order. I ordered Eye Defines eyeliners in Beech Tree and Night; Eye Hints in Buttercup Bronze; Cheek Gloss in Poppy; and Lip Dew in Elderberry. All were very cutely packaged. You can easily carry all of your cosmetics in a small purse with room to spare. The box for the Cheek Dew had an adorable pink ribbon around it.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

The cornerstones of this line are the Eye Defines and they get the highest marks out of all the things I ordered. They go on like a dream, do not need to be sharpened and I love the slated top. The first time I tried them I thought “All eyeliners should be slanted!” as it is so much easier to apply. There are only four colors and I highly recommend the two I tried:  Birch Tree, a shimmery brown, and Night, a subtle black/gray.

The second eye product, Eye Hint wasn’t nearly as successful but I can’t exactly accuse Rosie Jane of false advertising. Like the name implies, they provide a hint of color – in the case of Buttercup Bronze, a bronzey-gold – but it practically disappeared on my skin. If you looked very closely, you could see something and it did brighten my lids. However, it didn’t do nearly enough to earn a $20 price tag.
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Image courtesy of

The Cheek Gloss can be used on the lips as well as the cheeks.  Poppy is a very dark purple in the pan but turns lips a beautiful berry shade. I also liked it on my cheeks but it took a few times to strike the perfect balance between non-existent and scary. Still, I really like it and am interested in trying the two other shades.

The final product in my purchase was Lip Dew in Elderberry, a bronze shade with a berry flavor. It left a nice sheen when worn over the Cheek Gloss. It has shea butter in it so it is very moisturizing. I’m sure it will keep my lips from chapping as the weather gets cooler.

I hope Rosie Jane adds some more prodcts to this line as it shows great promise. This is one line I will definitely keep my eye on!




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