Project Runway: Giving Models What They Want

15 09 2009

By Megan

So the theme of this week’s Project Runway was giving models what they want, as if they weren’t already given superior genes, free clothes, and money for pouting. The designers have to make these models a special dress that will make them stand out at an industry event.  You know, like a 6-foot tall woman who weighs less than 120 lbs has a problem standing out in places.  

However, children, we learned that just because you are paid to WEAR couture, doesn’t mean you have a clue about fashion.  Let’s look at the winners and losers of this debacle.  

I want to say in the most point blank fashion that Epperson was robbed. His model basically gave him the fashion equivalent of Google directions. Have you ever used Google Maps? They point you in the right direction, ask you to steal the leprechaun’s gold, find proof of the Loch Ness Monster, go 10 miles out of your way and turn left onto a street that doesn’t exist anymore. Epperson took that and made THIS:


The dress manages to harness designer’s vision while still flattering the client. I am not one for brown, but that dress is architecturally interesting while still flattering to the figure.  


This dress was created by Carol Hannah. I like this dress in theory. The look is kind of Neo-Victorian bottom with an interesting top, and the model adored it. I just can’t get over a.) Black and purple, b.) The plastic tablecloth appearance of the skirt, and c.) The strange meshing of structure and drapery that looks Forever 21 This dress was also top 3. 

Now to our winner Althea



Ok dear friends mark this down on your calendars- this decision rendered me speechless.  

So, let’s take a trip to loserville. 

First we have Logan who is too damn cute for words. He looks like Disney created a fashion designer in its boy-labs in Orlando. What is not too cute for words? This Dress:


This dress is straight out of my 1992 Christmas prom. I saw it and Heaven from Warrant played in the back of my head. Now, I went to my 1992 Christmas prom with a very good friend of mine. He’s a great guy, but at that moment all of my fairytale dreams went bust…kind of like this dress.   

We have our supreme ultimate loser- Miss Qristal with a Q.  Part of me is happy she is leaving so I don’t have to figure out how to spell her name every week. Another part of me felt like she got undue criticism for a little black dress. Sure, she didn’t invent the wheel, but man that Hollywood Stylist Judge was NASTY. I mean she would’ve mad Nina Garcia cringe. I wouldn’t let that woman anywhere near my cellulite…noooo way.  

Here is the dress: 


The show is just not the same without Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. The challenges are getting boring, let’s hope the Newspaper challenge steps it up a little.




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