Ask an Artist: April’s Essentials

15 09 2009

PL:  Can you give us a breakdown of your top five makeup tricks for women of color?

April:  Here are my top tricks, but they’re not exclusive to any ethnic group — they can actually be used for any woman .

5. Know your skin type! Knowledge is power, and if you know whether you are oily, dry, or a combo of those. My
favorite foundation is Luminous Silk Foundation by Armani, and the shades I recommend for women of color are 9.0, 9.5, 11.0, and 12.5. FYI, Armani’s cosmetic line was developed by celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath, who is a woman of color herself.

For matte foundation coverage for oilier skin types, I recommend Chanel’s Mat Lumiere in intensity 8.0 or higher.

4. For the perfect foundation shade, I recommend buying two foundation shades you can mix together. This always works better than just using one shade because we tend to be more than just one shade on our face , and are most typically lighter in the center.

3. Figure out if you are warm-toned or cool-toned by looking at your inside wrist. Knowing what your undertone is will affect your foundation choice — if you are cool-toned, you will require yellow-pigment in your foundation as opposed to warm-toned, which doesn’t.

2. To change the appearance of your lips, here are a couple of my favorite tricks. If you want the appearance of smaller lips, use lipstick shades that are matte, and darker, like MAC’s Underworld. If you want the appearance of more fuller lips then, use lighter glosses in the center of your lips, like Armani’s  Lip Shimmer #56.

Last, but not least …
1. Own who you are at all times and the makeup will shine brighter than ever!




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