Sex and the City Movie Sequel is FILMING!

13 09 2009

By Desiree


Image via Pacific Coast News

Girl meets ‘Big’.  Big breaks girl’s heart.  They go in different directions and after taking all the available roads (and what seems like a whole lotta sleepin’ around), it all but leads them back to each other.  After a few dramatic twists, they get married.  THE END.

Umm, but not if we can help it!

After much speculation of a movie sequel, the second silver screen installment of ‘Sex and the City’ is officially filming in none other than NYC!

Here are some teasers (or spoilers!) of what’s in store for part deux, as well a sneak peak of some yummy fashion sported by none other than the lead character, Carrie.


Image credit:


Image credit:

Does anyone else agree that the second outfit is reminiscent of the Aidan Era?  I believe she wore something similar in the episode where she was stuck in the country/cabin with Aidan (the same one where Aidan and Big got dirty in the mud, fighting)?

More SATC 2 pics here on




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