Save Me!

13 09 2009

By Abby

Quick tip:  if you encounter a bottle of lotion or hand creme that is too thin and wimpy, add in a small amount of plain glycerin .  It will thicken the emulsion and build major moisture, without disrupting the scent of your product.  It’s a great way to save an otherwise flimsy formula and get some good use out of a product that you may otherwise have flung to the side or tossed completely.


I have found that the ratio for this mix is very flexible, so I would recommend that you go by your own preference as to how emollient or thick you want your lotion to be.  I add it in a blob at a time, shake, and apply a small bit to see if I like it, then add more if necessary.

You can find glycerin in the skincare section of your local drugstore; I found the one pictured here at CVS for about a buck.  It’s lasted me quite a few months, and I’ve already rescued three lotions and a hand creme with it.  Nice save!



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