Ask an Artist: Eyeliner Quandaries

12 09 2009

By Norma

Q:  I was watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and realized something – for all that these women do to look younger, they age themselves instantly with their very heavy eye makeup. Can you weigh in on this and offer some tips to avoid aging yourself with your eye makeup?

A:  Unfortunately, “SEXY” sells and Desperate Housewives is a sexy show.  They obviously choose dramatic make up for them because dramatic, dark make up is known to be an attention-grabber.

Kimberly from RHOC, courtesy of

Kimberly from RHOC, courtesy of

I am so guilty of that.  I am 41 years old and I LOVE heavy Smoky eyes on date night with my hubby or especially a girls night out.  It makes me feel better about myself and I do feel my sexiest!  However, that’s evening, not all day long or right when I wake up, like on the show.

The REAL solution to looking sexy, beautiful and as young as you can is simply to always wear make up but not necessarily in the dramatic shades that the women of RHOC are notorious for sporting.  I call it the Christie Brinkley look.  The key is to avoid black completely, which includes black eye shadow, eye liner and black mascara as well.  To acheive the “Christie Brinkley” look, stick to more natural hues like pink, coral or bronze.  Line with a brown pencil instead and use brown mascara.  A brown/black mascara is good for brunettes and also for evening wear.




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