Q&A with Hairstylist Josie Consiglio

10 09 2009

By Taryn

Josie has been my colorist/stylist for around three to four years now and I couldn’t keep my hair healthy and yet such a light shade of blonde without her.  I had tried many stylists before her but never stuck around because they could never get the blonde just right – it has to be cool, Hitchcockian blonde with silver tones, not the warmer, buttery colors.  Warm + my complexion = disaster.

So, at my last appointment for highlights, I decided to use the opportunity to ask Josie some questions about haircare and the salon business in general.  Below is a little about the lady herself and our interview:

bio pica

After 9 years in the hair industry, Josie set out on her own and opened Parlour in June 2007. With an eye for detail, her vision was “vintage beauty parlor” meets “modern salon.” Her goal was to create a relaxing atmosphere in a small, intimate setting where her clients would feel pampered.  Josie developed her artistic technique and talents through education with Bumble and Bumble in NYC, the Goldwell Academy, and Aveda training in Soho. She is committed to keeping her skills sharp and is continually training to stay current on the newest trends and techniques.  Meanwhile she is enjoying the new challenges that come with owning a salon.

T: So what is your favorite product line?

J: Davines is an Italian line that has some great products which are tailored for different hair types.  Below are some recommendations depending on the kind of hair you have:

T: What is your favorite styling product?

J: Definitely Moroccan Oil and L’Anza Volume Root Effects Volumizing Spray Foam.

T: Best blow dryer?

J: My T3 has been on the fritz and I am currently using a Bio Ionic, which is working out great.

T: Best flat iron?

J: I use an Infrashine Ceramic, but the other girls in the shop are now using the Linea Pro with nano titanium plates, which is the newest flat iron technology.

T: Best brush line?

J: I love my Spornette brushes!

T: So what’s the worst product you could use on your hair?

J: Drugstore shampoos.  Not only do they contain harsh detergents, but they also have fillers (waxes) that may make your hair feel soft, but which actually cause a build-up of residue.

T: What can you do for color that is fading, but doesn’t yet need a root touch-up?

J: I apply a color-balancing semi-permanent toner and send the client home with an anti-fading, color-preserving shampoo.  (Editor’s noteAveda makes an excellent line of color-depositing shampoos which refresh your color.)

T: Do you have any tips for flat hair, such as mine?

J: Start off with a volumizer/root-boosting product such as L’Anza’s Root Effects Spray Foam applied to wet hair.  Get yourself a good round brush and while drying your hair, lift the roots up with the brush and keep it lifted for a few seconds while cooling after you’ve applied heat to it with your dryer.

T: So finally, what is the most rewarding part of owning your own salon?

J: Making a client feel better about themselves and walking out satisfied.

T: Most challenging?

J: Multi-tasking, not only behind the chair, but behind the scenes.

T: And the least favorite part of the job?

J: Time management! I wish for more time!

Thank you, Josie, for taking the time to talk with me! (Well, you kinda had to since you were doing my hair! :P)

If any of our readers have a question they’d like to ask Josie, just leave a comment and I will ask her at my next appointment!

You can read more about Parlour at parlouronmain.com.




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