To Prime or Not to Prime, Continued ….

8 09 2009

By Sheila

After receiving a few messages asking for the makeup breakdown from my primer video, I took advantage of my son’s naptime yesterday to practice my photography skills and write down the details from this look. Here’s what I used:  


Sunblock: Blue Lizard Sunscreen, it’s the only one I use on both myself and my son, and simply the best. It’s a physical sunblock as opposed to a chemical one, waterproof, and really lives up to its claims. It has a permanent place in my routine, and I wouldn’t think of stepping outside without it on.

Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I’ve had that bottle for a couple of years and it is still going strong.

Concealer: MAC Select Cover in NW25, applied after primer and before foundation. This peachy-toned concealer helps cancel out darkness under my eyes, and I am really fond of this particular concealer because it covers so well without feeling too heavy. I also apply it on my skin where needed and sometimes as a lip color base if I’m wearing a light lip color.

Foundation: 5S was an offshoot Shiseido company that discontinued sales in the USA a while ago. I have a TON of foundations and my goal has been to use up a large portion of it, which is why I’ve been using this particular one lately. For similar look, I also like GloMinerals’ pressed base, which is equally as lovely as the 5S product.

Translucent Powder: MAC Invisible Set Powder. It’s a holy grail product because it holds me together!

Blush: Nars Orgasm. I don’t know why I hate typing or saying the name of that color! Embarrassing! However, it more than lives up to its title as best blush, per InStyle, Allure and many other magazines, which is why I’ve been using it for years for the perfect flush on my cheeks.

Eyes: Base is Bare Study Paint Pots by MAC with Stila Launey eye shadow on lid, Stila Toffee (discontinued) in the crease, MAC Phone Number Kohl to line, Dior Show Mascara on lashes.

Maybe if I rave about Stila Toffee enough, it will convince the company to bring it back, because it is truly the most versatile crease color I’ve ever used, and pairs well with brights and neutrals. MAC’s Soft Brown eyeshadow is comparable.

Lips: MAC Cream o’ Spice lipline with Stila Starfruit lipgloss. FYI, I’m starting to really fall in love with Stila glosses … gorgeous colors, scents, and delivers a long-lasting shine that isn’t goopy in the least.

The biggest secret of this look? The lipliner I’m using is actually an orginal MAC Spice lipliner in silver packaging. Years ago, MAC went through a phase when everything was in silver packaging – sounds funny, but it’s true. Along the way, they changed the formula of Spice and it’s not as neutral as it one was, however,the pack rat I am held on to a my pencil nub, and have since been thrilled to find out Cream o’ Spice is actually the same shade as the original Spice.

I used these colors because I’ve found they help enhance my features without overwhelming my face, a good, basic neutral set. How do you create a neutral face?




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