Spotlight On: Elladean from Etsy

8 09 2009

By Taryn

Before I even became a part of this blog, my friend who runs Musings of a Muse got me interested in a seller from Etsy named Elladean who owns Beautiful Twists.  She creates products that are right up my alley, such as lip balms and fragrances with single-note foodie scents.


I quickly placed an order for some of the body mists and was not let down.  They are exactly what I wanted – uncomplicated, sweet fragrances that smell exactly like a pitcher of strawberry or grape Kool-Aid and last a surprisingly good amount of time.  If you don’t want to smell like fruit drinks, these aren’t for you.  However, if you loved scratch ‘n sniff stickers as a kid and are a fan of the foodie genre of fragrances, chances are you’ll like these.

Elladean offers terrific customer service and what was even more amazing was how she wrapped each bottle of mist individually in a color-coded mesh bag with a ribbon and personalized note.  This lady puts a lot of time and effort into your package! You will have to wait a little longer to receive it as opposed to buying something pre-made, but believe me, the wait is worth it.

If you know a little girl who wants her very own fragrance, these would be a great option as they have a simple, child-like quality to them.

Each body mist is $6.99 and she included a fun sample or two along with my purchase.  Also check out her handmade vegan lip balms and room sprays, which are better than anything you’ll find from Glade!

Beautiful Twists on Etsy




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