To Prime or Not to Prime

7 09 2009

By Sheila

Yesterday I did something very brave … hit the wild streets of urban Los Angeles on a mission to find out if primer is really worth all the hype. It’s a question we’ve gotten from quite a few readers — is it worth it? Is primer really necessary, or just an extra step?

Being a dedicated Co-Publisher, I decided to conduct a day-long experiment in the hot, hot heat of Southern California and did a two-sided makeup look. On one side I used primer before adding concealer and powder foundation, and the other side without any primer.

The results? See for yourself —

I’m not above making fun of myself, but come on YouTube! You gotta play me like that with that frame??? Erm  … anyway … moving on! Technology – somtimes you win, sometimes you lose.


In the long run, the primer really did make a difference in the appearance and feel of my foundation. Many hours after applying it and even after making the video, my foundation was still visible and working on the side that had the primer, which was not the case for the primer-less side. The true test, for me, was seeing what would happen underneath my eyes, which is the area where makeup is more likely to fade away. On the primer-less side, there is most definitely a difference in how the makeup looks after hours of wear.

I’ve been using the Smashbox Photo Finish primer for many years, but as I said in the clip, if you have a silicone sensitivity, use it sparingly! A little dab does go a long, long way.

What would you like to see us tackle in the next Painted Ladies YouTube clip? Any and all beauty-related suggestions are welcome!




4 responses

7 09 2009

This is an excellent video Sheila. I’m so proud of you. Even Michael watched it, and he said that he’s impressed that you did this without direction or cue cards. Your skin looks great regardless, but I’m impressed with that primer.

7 09 2009

Great video Sheila! Could you list the products that you used in the video? 🙂


7 09 2009

Thanks, ladies! 🙂 I’ll put up a post tomorrw listing what products I used.

8 09 2009
To Prime or Not to Prime, Continued …. «

[…] receiving a few messages asking for the makeup breakdown from my primer video, I took advantage of my son’s naptime yesterday to practice my photography skills and write down […]

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