My Five Minute Face

4 09 2009

By Desiree

Between work, running after a two year old, driving my son back and forth to practice and school activities gives me but little time to ‘glam up’ the way I used to.   With little time to spare, I still insist upon squeezing five minutes to perk up my tired face (as long as my daughter doesn’t try to swipe my makeup)!

So here’s my five-minute ‘every day’ face:

  1. After washing my face, I apply my beloved Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock in SPF 55 (I’ve read that they are not any more effective than SPF 30, but the higher number sure makes me feel better).
  2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Sand.  This is my ultimate, you-glow-girl tinted moisturizer!  I have oily skin and this still looks great.  Yes, it requires touching up in extremely hot and humid weather (might even slide off in all that heat), but WOW does this make me look like I have flawless skin.  For real.
  3. Next, some powder fluffin’.  Loose or pressed.  Any powder.  Right now, I’m fluffing with what’s left of my Stila Illuminating Powder foundation.   This step just ‘sets’ my TM and helps it stay on longer and last.
  4. MAC Paints in either Pixel or Untitled.  Untitled for a more natural, wide-eyed look.  It’s got a matte finish, and is a little like UD’s primer potion.  Primes your lids pretty well!  I use Pixel if I want to look a little more made up.  It’s a very pretty, metallic taupe-silver.
  5. Liquid or Gel eyeliner.  I’m on a liquid liner kick right now, especially when I have nothing else on but a ‘wash’ of eyeshadow like my MAC Paints.  It gives such a glam look to my eyes—and I definitely ‘wing’ it up for more drama.   I used to use pencil all the time, but I find that they smear on me too easily.  Right now I’m using Almay’s waterproof liquid liner in black.   Good enough and cheap.
  6. Wet ‘n Wild lipgloss in Rose Gold.   This is one of the prettiest shades of lipgloss I own and better yet, it’s less than $3 at your local drugstore.  You must try this if you haven’t yet!

A-ha!   If I had eyebrows I’d be finished.   But since my brows are light, sparse, and oh-so-messed up, this step is totally necessary:

  • EYEBROWS.  I’m planning on dedicating an eyebrow tutorial one of these days, but for now, I’ll just say that I really think that most people would look even better and more ‘finished’ with a little eyebrow makeup (unless you were born with perfect brows).  I go back and forth between pencil and eyeshadow, but right now I like the Model’s Prefer eyebrow pencil.    It’s not waterproof (one of my next ventures as well) but the end result is lovely when applied correctly.

    And, ta-da!  A face in 5 minutes.    What is YOUR five minute face/routine?




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