Battle of the Bulge, Part 1

4 09 2009

By Sheila

As I mentioned in my bio, one of my overall beauty-related goals is to finally shed the baby weight that has stuck around since my son’s birth two years ago.

November marks the one year anniversary of my divorce becoming final, as well as my 31st birthday. After adjusting to the single mom life and getting into a pattern of living, I think I’m finally ready to tackle this challenge and work on matching my outward apperance to my inner one.

Despite the fact that my life is busier and more hectic than ever, inside, I am the happiest and most well-adjusted I’ve felt in years — I am at peace with who I am and enjoying life with my son.

However, the stress from the past few years has taken a toll, and I’ve decided to officially start battling the bulge(s). After putting this off for a year, I know it’s time. I wish I could say I’m happy living large, but I’m not,and that’s the truth of it all.

This is a beauty-related blog, and it encompasses all parts of beauty — inner and outer, top to bottom. Once I get a handle on my burgeoning weight issues, I’ll feel a heck of a lot better about myself, and for accountability’s sake, I’ll take you all along for the journey, as long as it will take. For the record, I’m giving myself a year to lose my goal of 50 pounds. Eeep, I can’t believe I’m admitting that, but there you go ….

In the next few “Battle of the Bulge” posts, I’ll take you back to the root of the problems, and discuss my plans to work on my outer beauty issues a bit futher.

Are you all in? I know I am!

Are you currently working on battling your own bulge? What kinds of things are you doing to acheive your goals?




12 responses

4 09 2009

You have another painted lady on board!!!

4 09 2009

Congratulations on making this decision it is not easy! I would like to lose 50 lbs as well but I’m ashamed to say it isn’t baby weight…I stopped running and living healthy. Cheers to you, and I hope I cheer you on as you tackle each day as it comes!

4 09 2009

Girl, I’m there with you! *throwing out last bite of Oreo cookie* I know you, we, can do it! 🙂

5 09 2009

I so need to do this as well. I know what I need to do but my mind/body aren’t always in synch. I’m looking forward to your posts and hope to gain some motivation from them. Best of luck with this!

7 09 2009


I am wondering if it is possible to have a message board on this site, and sort of a diet buddy thing? I need to drop 15 *cough* *cough* 20 or so pounds and have searched for something like this. I found a site that offers a buddy, but it is almost impossible to acutally hook up with someone. It would be so nice to have some support like that here. ?

Also, I am wondering if anyone has ever reviewed the Almay concealer that is white when you put it on but turns the shade of your skin? I recently saw it on a re-run on “The View”…. just wondering.

7 09 2009

Sad enough to say… I should have lost more weight for my very fast upcoming wedding but I didn’t. Believe me, It’s not that I didn’t want to. I would have spurts of greatness in eating right and working out but then totally lose momentum. I have to admit… I’m my own sabotager.

So the last time I went to the gym, I decided to weigh in just to see. I lost 17 lbs since the beginning of the year. Not nearly near my goal but I felt good about my little bit of success. It gave me the boast I needed to eat a little more healthier and exercise a little more.

My only tip, two cents, or whatever you want to call it is…

Take your weight loss goal in chunks. Instead of saying like 30 lbs, break it up into like 3 “10lb” goals or so. It’s such a small thing but makes a world of difference. When I think about the 50 that I wanted to lose…and realized only 17 has happened, I get discouraged. But If I think my first goal was 25lbs….it makes my goal seem so much more attainable since it’s only 8lbs away. Gives me that little bit of boost to just do a little more.

If you ever feel like you aren’t losing as much… do one thing for me. Once you hit a 10lb mark, go to the grocery store and pick up a 10lb bag of potatoes. Heavy yah? Give yourself a big pat on the back because this is just how much you lost. That is a heck of a lot of weight that you AREN’T carrying anymore. Be proud of yourself.

7 09 2009

Darlene – Yes! We’re rolling out our permanent URL very soon, and Taryn purchased the forum technology to go along with it. She’s pricing custom skins, but the forum does exist at this moment, although it’s not very pretty! I think that’s a great idea, and we all need to support each other in our weight loss efforts.

Like Marilyn said, it’s so easy to sabotage ourselves, or let others sabotage us, and if we want to make a permanent change, we need to know that we have other people who are holding are hands every pound along the way … or every potato sack along the way!

Also, D — I’m going to run by Target and see if I can find that concealer. 🙂

7 09 2009

Thank you Marilyn and Sheila. Marilyn you are right, I think it is good to think of weight loss in smaller amounts. Probelm is, when I hit one of those goals I have to celebrate and then it all goes down hill from there. Planning weddings are stressful, that might make the weight loss hard. I’m sure you have a beautiful dress planned no matter what you weigh and 17 pounds is quite an accomplishment.

Sad thing is – I know I should eat better and exercise more, I feel better almost instantly, but still………………

This is a great web site.

12 09 2009
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