Review: Nfu Oh Strawberry Cuticle Flower Oil

3 09 2009

By Taryn

Nfu Oh is a nail polish and nail care brand that is very hard to find in the States and appears to be of foreign origin, although I don’t know where it’s from.  What I do know is that it’s free of the nasty chemicals that plague so many of the nail polishes out there today.  It’s not as “green” as Zoya, but it’s still not a bad choice in trying to keep the chemicals to a minimum.

I discovered Nfu Oh through this fabulous nail blog called Scrangie.  She had swatches of all of the different colors available and let’s just say they’re some of the most unique polishes I’ve ever come across.

Before, they were only available through ebay, but one of the sellers set up their own store, which I’ve ordered from and have had great service.

Anyway, on to the review.  I ordered Nfu Oh’s Strawberry Cuticle Oil because my nails are always in ragged shape and I love the scent of strawberry.  The bottle has sweet little pink flowers floating at the bottom and the bottle design is just so campy and cute at the same time!

The oil itself is very light, soaks in like a dream and smells divine.  It’s probably on par with Solar Oil, but the better fragrance is what drew me to this.


Isn't the bottle purty? The top is a bustier!

The scent is similar to Suave Strawberry shampoo or a Strawberry Shortcake doll, and is just your basic uncomplicated strawberry fragrance.

It retails for $12.50 at the Fabulous Street Shop.  They also have a wide variety of other scents to choose from.  While you’re there, check out the polish shades as well.  I plan on reviewing those in the future.

Soft, sweetly-scented cuticles are just a click away.  Your nails will thank you for it!




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4 09 2009
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