Lashing Out

3 09 2009

By Sheila

A couple of months ago, I stood in my lovely neighborhood beauty supply store with what I thought was the most frivolous beauty item I’d ever contemplated purchasing. Debating back and forth in my head, I wondered if I had the audacity to indulge in this silly splurge item. Even the name of it was ridiculous … Lash Therapy. Are anyone’s lashes so stressed out they need to seek therapy, I thought? Is that a sign of the computer age? Too much time in front of a monitor causes your lashes to wither away?

Besides myself with curiosity, I couldn’t help it and found myself applying the yellow-tinted gel by Mirabella to my stressed, but freshly cleaned lashes that very night. The doubter in me gave it a day before I dumped it in the trash … but applying my mascara the next morning after applying it and seeing immediate results, I was hooked. Hmph, must be the red seaweed and chamomile, I thought.

Although I feel silly for admitting how much I like the lash conditioner – especially since it just sounds so FROU FROU – I wouldn’t rave about it here if I didn’t absolutely love it … and I do.  

I’ve been using lash therapy for a few months now and I love the results. There’s no way for me to deny the fact that my lashes are plumper and more noticeable even without mascara. Add a bit of my trusty old Dior Show, and I get a lush look that makes me want to chuck my hard-to-apply falsies in the trash!

Needless to say, Lash Therapy has a home in my arsenal of skin care tools. We’re very happy together.  😉

I found Lash Therapy at a local beauty supply store, and if you check their salon locator on the Mirabella website, you may be able to find a distributor near you. Lash Therapy is also available online at HairCareChoices.



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