1 09 2009

By Lisa

I love buying and trying different beauty products. But I have sensitive skin and many of the creams and serums on the shelf cause my face to turn red or break out. I learned over time that Mom was right – my skin and hair do best with simple treatments, many of which I whip up myself.
The star of my beauty arsenal is honey. Honey attracts and retains moisture to the skin and hair, has anti-bacterial qualities and is a mild exfoliant. I use it as a face mask and sometimes add a few squeezes to my conditioner. Since I started using it, my skin has never been clearer and it has brought out the highlights in my hair even more. When I go food shopping, I always buy two jars: one to use in my morning tea and one for my bathroom.
Aother multi-tasker is jojoba oil. I gently warm it and massage it into my scalp and hair – it is an inexpensive but effective hot oil treatment.My hair is natually dry and blow drying makes matters worse so this keeps it soft and shiny. It also gently takes off eye and other stubborn makeup. I have extremely dry feet in the cold weather and some jojoba oil massaged in keeps them soft and free of cracks.
My skin loves products with sweet almond oil and my favorite skin care products are in the Weleda Almond line. But they are a little difficult to find and I have to order them online – this requires planning and sometimes I realize I am down to my last drop at the last minute. Once, I ran out of my beloved Almond Facial Oil – which I use alone as a facial moisturizer in the warmer months and as an added boost to the Almond Moisturizer Cream in the winter –  and needed a quick substitute. I was at the Vitamin Shoppe and noticed they had a bottle of sweet almond oil (blended with a bit of vitamin E, which serves as a natural preservative). I bought some and mixed it with jojoba oil in a 1 to 3 ratio. The results were terrific. My skin is baby-smooth and I find myself going without foundation a lot more often. This combo makes a great eye treatment – no irritation!
My final superstar is apple cider vinegar. I need a lot of products to bring out the loose curls in hair, which causes build-up. But many of the commercial clarifying shampoos strip the color from my hair. I add one or two tablespoons of ACV to a cup of cool water and use it as a final rinse. As an added bonus, it keeps my scalp from flaking. It is a bit stinky but the odor is undetectable when my hair is dry. [ed. note: make sure your eyes are closed until the acv is fully rinsed out!]
What are your favorite homemade beauty treatments?




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