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1 09 2009

By Elise

My name is Elise and I’m the proud owner of Danh Beauty. I specialize in make-up instruction classes and workshops and in makeovers that don’t make you look “made over.” Your face is my business and I’m completely passionate about bringing to you the best of the best in my favorite products, hotspots, websites and partners. I’m bursting at the seams since I’ve been working on a super “hush hush” project and can’t wait to introduce you all to my private label “db” cosmetics line that hopefully will launch by 2010.

etd green 1

A little bit about me: since birth, I’ve always been told that I acquired a very serious interest in my own vanity. Don’t know if I should admit to that or deny it, lol. I will confess that I love to make women look and feel beautiful and love doing it in a way that reflects every woman’s natural beauty and integrity.  I truly do believe every woman has the potential to be extraordinary, but just doesn’t know how to achieve the look nor does she possess the tools to even attempt it. It’s really not as complex as it seems and I know my make-up artist sisters may lament that I’m giving away all of our secrets, but isn’t it more empowering that we all be beautiful together?!? Absolutely!

I am an addict of products that work and cosmetics that look and feel fabulous on the face! Anyone that has ever worked with me or that is my client will know that one of my favorite things to say is, “I’m a cheap date…” meaning I may have a high-end tastes, but I love living on a shoestring budget. Sometimes that burger satisfies me just fine and the steak can be saved for another night!!! I appreciate inexpensive things that provide impactful and lasting results. I sincerely try so many products in attempts to give you a firsthand testimonial so that it’s not just a bogus recommendation based on ads or press. I want you to use things that will work for you because YOU want them to work and because you’re willing to commit.

In this economy, women have to be smart about their purchases. Your face is an investment ladies! Don’t mess around w/fads and trends. Although it can be fun and a great way to lift yourselves up, we want to maintain for the long haul! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were we. Prevention is way easier than restoration. Hydration should be your best friend. Stress is your worst nightmare and all of those nonsense celebrity pictures are a constant reminder of how truly superficial our society really is.

Despite my experiences in retail, I am so NOT the sales gal. I prefer to refer to myself as your “personal consultant.” You tell me what’s the deal and I try to assess what you’ve done in the past and mesh that with what we can do going forward to produce your desired results. I want you to be sensational and I will be very honored to be your guiding light!




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2 09 2009
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2 09 2009

Elise, do you have a rec for an eyeshadow I can use for my brows that is waterproof? Thanks for this post, love it! 🙂

Oh, another question. Favorite falsies that are more natural looking (especially for me, sparse-lashed Asian girl)?

3 09 2009

Hi Desiree!

I’ve used eyeshadow to fill in my brows for nearly 15 years!!! And my favorites are from and also from Lizette Cosmetics. Both powders are long wearing and water resistant. They don’t really have a way to “waterproof” them, however, I have found using a great setting powder like MUFE’s HD Microfinishing Powder and Cover Fx’s setting powder really helps keep it in place. I have also sprayed hairspray onto a clean mascara wand and combed it over the hairs after filling my brows in to keep the powder in place as well.

As far as false eyelashes, I love ARDELL brand false eyelashes and my favorites are #110 and also the Demi Wispies style eyelashes. I have to trim the ends off of mine as they are a bit too long, but overall, love them and definitely use them w/the DUO eyelash adhesive, it rocks! Hope this answers your question, if anything, I am always available for info.

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