Beauty: Fail

31 08 2009

By Sheila

Reading Lisa’s post on Beauty Blunders made me think about the disappointments over products that I’ve experienced in the name of beauty. They’ve been numerous. They’ve been expensive. They’ve been embarrassing, at times. They can only be classified as one thing, and one thing only: a Beauty:Fail.

I wanted to like the products. I wanted to love the products. But, in the end, we just didn’t fit each other; the basic chemistry just wasn’t there. And that’s ok, because in the end, we all have our perfect matches and figure out which products work the best for us – there WILL be stumbling blocks around the way, and here are a few of mine.

Maybelline Great Lash mascara, the mascara that’s won SO many awards that it’s almost embarrassing for other mascaras that keep getting left out. It’s one of those products that’s so loved by magazine editors and so highly touted by various people in your life, and so cheap that you feel like you’re obligated to buy it at least once … or twice … or three or four times, in my case.

As with the other products on my list, I really wanted to fall in love with Great Lash, but all it did was flake on my lashes almost right after I applied it, giving me an oh, so lovely raccoon eye. Lovely.

Smith’s Rosebud Lip Salve.  Ten years ago, before the age of easy online shopping, I made a call to a pharmacy in New York City and requested they send me two tins of this, please, as I kept seeing it raved about in InStyle and needed to be using what they said I should be using. If it was THAT fabulous, I needed two, and was simply beside myself with giddiness the day the tins arrived half-melted. My lips did get a rosy look, but not the way the product name intended. Something in the product disagreed with my lips and I broke out in blisters by using the salve or anti-salve in my case. I didn’t give up and did buy it a couple more times through the years, but alas, we are just not meant to be.

Through the years of being a makeup junkie, there have been many, many more products that failed to live up to their expectations, but I guess that’s part of the fun of it all … always searching for that new something special to make our eyes shine and face sparkle … and not give us blistery lips and raccoon eyes.

What have been some of your product disappointments?




One response

31 08 2009

It’s Taryn!

Nearly everything for acne has been a disappointment. Most anti-aging products have been as well.

Most drugstore brands let me down except for NYX and Jesse’s Girl, along with a few select items from the major d/s lines.

I’ve found plenty to make up for the disappointments, though! 😛

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