Ask An Artist: Nicole’s Essential Tools

31 08 2009

By Nicole

1.  Brushes: As far as brushes go, most of my brushes are MAC. They all have a pretty reasonable price point and such a wide variety. Also, Bobbi Brown and Armani have some great ones.

  • Armani’s foundation brush is the best one I have used. It has a short handle and natural bristles. It makes liquid or cream application very easy and flawless.
  • For blush, MAC brush 168 or the Bobbi Brown blush brush are both excellent quality.
  • For eyes, I tend to use so many brushes for each different makeup application, but if I had to pick the absolute necessities, I would say MAC #272 (note: seems to be no longer available, but #275 is comparable), #239 and #217 for shadow application. The first two are firm with shorter bristles, good for packing on color and smoothing it into the skin, and also great for tapping a highlight color right under your brows. The #217 is great for blending anything, especially if you have too much color and can’t seem to blend it out.  Use it with no color to blend out your eyes. MAC #266 is a great angle brush for eyeliner and brows, and #214 is terrific for a thin smudge of color under your eyes or to blend a pencil liner.

2.  Eyelash curler by Shu Uemura: he makes a top-quality one.

3.  Chanel Stylo Yeux: an amazing waterproof pencil (best in black!)

4.  MAC Fix +: this is a great spray to take with you everywhere you go. It helps to set your foundation. It will take away that cakey look from too much foundation with 2-3 sprays. A few more spritzes and you have a healthy, dewey glow. It is soothing and refreshing, and I also use it when my shadow won’t give me the pigment I want and I have already used a base. With a few sprays about 8 inches from my eyes, the shadows pack right on and stay all day long.




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