Homemade Beauty Blunders

30 08 2009

By Lisa

The chemist in me loves to create new potions for my face and hair from everyday items I have around the house. I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favorite pantry beauty secrets – but I thought I’d start by telling you about the experiments that had less than beautiful results.

The first huge blunder wasn’t 100% my fault. My older cousin, who always looked so put together, told me that you can deep condition your hair with mayonnaise. Why I decided to try this in the dead heat of summer while I was employed as a restaurant hostess in a joint with an iffy cooling system I will never know. What she neglected to tell me is you need to shampoo thoroughly after the treatment to make sure all of the oils and other ingredients were removed. Not only did my hair dry into a greasy mess but I reeked of rancid mayo all day. Note: My hair did look great after I washed it.

This wasn’t so much as a blunder as a huge oops! I often would make a homemade hot oil treatment from EVOO to give it some shine. Little did I know that oil will leech the color out of your hair. I found this out as I watched my expensive, day-old highlights go down the drain.
Another great idea I had was to condition my hair with some bargain henna shampoo and conditioner (I put my hair through a lot, don’t I? At this rate it is a wonder I have any). It worked out OK the first few times but each additional use made my hair drier and drier. Within a few weeks my hair was breaking off, not to mention it had taken on what can only be described as the hue of an old carrot. I’m not sure how my hairdresser kept a straight face when I had her fix my problem.

Years before I knew any better I used to exfoliate my skin daily. You couldn’t find a dead skin cell on my face. I couldn’t tolerate AHAs or BHAs so I used manual exfoliation scrubs. One day I read that pureed strawberries make an excellent exfoliating mask. Funny thing is, I don’t have an allergic reaction when eating strawberries, but for some reason when they sat on my face, I broke out in an angry, red rash. Not to mention the cystic acne that appeared a few days later.
I truly have found some wonderful, creative and inexpensive beauty treatments out there – some just didn’t turn out quite the way I had hoped.

Please share the mistakes you made in the name of beauty!



3 responses

30 08 2009

Wow, that strawberry reaction had to be rough! I haven’t experimented with too many at home skincares, except mixing honey and sea salt to exfoliate in the early 90s. It wasn’t horrible, but I won’t be doing that anymore.

My biggest blunder was allowing my sister to trim my bangs when I was 10. She stretched them down to my chin and snipped away. When they dried they were 1 inch long and just stood straight up all along my hairline. Needless to say she never came near my hair with scissors again.

30 08 2009
Cindy G.

I have learned not to tweeze your eyebrows after a few beers. Not pretty.

31 08 2009
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