It Starts Young

29 08 2009

By Sheila


My son is often asleep when I sit cross-legged on our bedroom floor in front of the mirror, but he’s seen me apply makeup often enough that he grabs the shadow brushes from me whenever he’s awake and notices that I’ve sat down for some glamour time.

He’s been watching me engage in this ritual as long as he can remember, which would explain how he knows to dip the brushes in pots of colored eye shadow and then place the brushes on my eyes. Without fail, he reaches for bright colors in my makeup kit the same way he reaches for crayons – he’s equally attracted to them both. My son can barely talk, but somehow he understands that colors enhance our lives.

As I mentioned in my bio, my passion for cosmetics started in the preschool years: transfixed by my mom’s Revlon “Rachel” powder, emerald green Maybelline eyeshadow and plum lipsticks (this was the 80s, people) I was a definitive beauty junkie from a very young age.

I’m curious – how old were all of you when your makeup obsession emerged? Do you remember being attracted to it at an early age, or is your passion something that surfaced later on in life?




2 responses

29 08 2009
Stephanie Elise

I was probably 10. My 3 year old neighbor Lori was “my guinea pig”.
We are still friends, she in fact had her second son yesterday morning:)
Lori was the testing ground for everything, and until she moved out of state a few years ago, she’d still come up from San Diego occasionally to have me update her look.
Being blonde and green eyed, she was the opposite to my brown eyed naturally brunette self, so if it looked awful on me, it usually was amazing on her.
Together we tested everything my mom gave us to play with.
Ladies, practice makes perfect!

29 08 2009
Nicole Valentine

I was 2 or 3 years old. My grama was a makeup artist for Aida Grey and I was an only child. My mom and grama were often very busy and to keep me entertained they gave me an Aida Grey 60 color eye shadow pallette and a few brushes. I started out looking crazy, but after years with that pallette I began understanding more about makeup. My favorite color was blue. I would pick the brightest blue in the pallette and color my eyes and mouth until it looked just right. I still have the pallette in my makeup stash.

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