Mavenette: Cindy G’s Bio

29 08 2009

I was born in 1960 in Los Angeles.  Growing up in La-La land was a wonderful experience.  Where else can one encounter great shopping, wonderful food choices, earthquakes, fires, sitting in traffic, riots, drought, hanging out at the beach, landslides and more great shopping? In 1994, I decided to move to Indiana (Hooterville/Pixley area, LOL).  I live with my husband Neil and we are proud parents of two cats named Charlie and Cecil.  Now, life isn’t as exciting as my years in California, but I do love it here.  However, I do miss the shopping!

Since my teenage years, skincare has been important to me.  My teenage skincare regimen consisted of harsh products like Ten-O-Six, Sea Breeze and sometimes rubbing alcohol to battle the oilies, not realizing that I was making it a lot worse in the end.  Finding the holy grail of skincare is a constant hunt.  I plan on sharing some experiences of things that I have found with others who fight the same battle, plus hopefully learn something about good versus bad skincare.


Though I love makeup, it really hasn’t been a big priority in recent years.  Because of my blue collar job as a welder, makeup is mostly a weekend treat, though I have been known to wear a lip gloss or two and MAC’s Studio Fix under my welding hood.  I am a girl, by the way, so the occasional search for reasonably priced makeup is always there!

I’m excited to be part of this wonderful blog.  I hold the title “Mavenette” proudly!




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