Ask an Artist

29 08 2009

Today, resident Painted Ladies expert Sarah Pennington takes some time to answer your questions. An accomplished makeup artist and eyelash extension specialist, we are so glad to have her on board with us! For further information on Sarah, you can visit her website,


PL: What are your 5 best tips for creating a flawless everyday face?

S: 1) Skin care. The most important part! Exfoliation, whether through brushes, scrubs, or masks, is crucial to smooth makeup application. Also make sure your skin is hydrated. Bottom line – foundation looks better on smooth, hydrated skin.

2) Primer. I know, I know! It’s one more step! But primer does help to prep the canvas of your skin to give a seamless application, as well as staying power. There are plenty of options on the market, even oil-free formulations. And once you get used to adding this little pea sized amount of product, the 3 seconds it takes will be worth it.

3) Take the time to find the right foundation for you. When choosing a color I like to swipe about 3 shades on the jawline, do not blend. Just sit back and see which color seems to disappear into your skin, unblended. If it’s none, then keep moving. If you do find a match, it’s very helpful to try it on allover your skin, because it’s not just color, it’s texture. If it is right for your skin, it will blend seamlessly. If it is not, it will actually draw attention to any fine lines, pores, and other textural issues we are trying to hide. Also know that it is very normal to need a different color in the winter than the summer.

4) Concealer applied with a brush. It just takes an extra second, but it’s so worth it. When using a brush, we tend to avoid over application of product. But also you can really get into the inner corners of the eyes, where we tend to get darkest. And you can really cover that redness around the nose this way. If your concealer is appearing to sit on top of the skin, gently pat it into the skin, try not to swipe it, as that can cause the concealer to pile up where you finish your swipe.

I am a fan of Bobbi Brown concealer for under the eye, if you need full coverage. Chantecaille stick foundation is a great overall eye, face, everything concealer if you need medium coverage.

5) Highlighter. I know there are those few skin types that absolutely cannot use highlighters. But there are so many formulas available, from stick, to liquid, to powder, that most people can enjoy the benefits of glowing skin. If you are using a liquid, it’s nice to mix a little in with your foundation. This is particularly good if you find the formula you have is a little too heavy.

Sticks can be applied over foundation and concealer as your final step before you set with powder. Apply a touch of the highlighter to the top of the cheekbones, a little down the center of the nose, and I like to add a touch above the upper lip, and on the chin. If you are using a powder highlighter, you can apply in the same areas after you have applied all your foundation products. If it’s highly pigmented and shimmery you may want to set with loose powder first. A little goes a long way, and just adding a touch in these few places will not make you look like a disco ball.

I am really loving the Fresh Twilight highlighter as it’s not glittery at all and has more of a pearly finish. Also Armani Fluid Sheers are great, as they can be mixed with foundation, or applied on top. Nars Albatross is one of my favorite powder highlighters.

OK, one more word on foundation…embrace your shade! One of the most common mistakes women make is to get foundation in the color they think they want to be. If they are pale, they may wear a color too dark. If they want to look pink, they get pink, even if they are not pink. Get an exact match, and if you want to warm up your skin with a bronzer, or give a pinky glow with a little shimmer powder, go for it. The result will be so much better.

I could go on and on, as flawless looking skin is the best start for a gorgeous look! Thank you for reading and feel free to add your comments!




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