Magazine Mentions: Allure

28 08 2009

By Sheila

Over the weekend, I sat down on my comfy taupe-colored micro suede couch with a cool cup of iced tea and the September issue of Allure.  My cute and adorable two-year old sat down next to me and started thumbing through the pages like a good little boy. And then he ran away with the magazine.

A few hours later, magazine finally recovered from the depths of a Lego and crayon pile, I sat down again for a few moments of indulgence. A few pages in, my first thoughts were, “Holy crap! They finally futzed with the fonts!”

Considering Allure has looked pretty much exactly the same since I started reading it nearly 20 years ago (while accompanying my mom to haircuts at Regis), this is monumental! Same old, same old content, unfortunately, but I did happen to find their Fall color report rather intriguing.

On a sidenote – is it Fall already? I saw Halloween costumes in stores in July, but I want my summer back. Please?

Before I get to the juicy color stories, here’s some BREAKING BEAUTY NEWS — I can’t even believe I almost skipped over the little red box on page 138, because it’s totally shocking – why didn’t they put this on the cover?

 As any good beauty junkie would know, Preparation H has long been touted as a miracle cream for shrinking under eye bags, but apparently, the main ingredient that actually did that was removed years ago. This is shocking! Does that mean it doesn’t work as well for its original purpose anymore, either?

image-1Ok, on to the colors. You can click on the photos to open larger versions. According to the editorial staff over at Allure, Fall makeup colors are trending towards the usual warm shades that Autumn is notorious for … golds, navy, maroons … all reminiscent of the cooling temperatures and the changing shades of nature.

That reminds me … I need to dust off some of my darker lipstick shades … maybe wear MAC “O” – a trusty favorite – a bit more often, and pair it with Bare Escentuals True Gold eye shadow, a long timeimage-2 favorite as it remains a gold shade and doesn’t oxidize into a green or red shade after a few hours of wear.

Bare Escentuals makes some of my favorite shadows, and I really should pull them out more often – Envy is another favorite and it is a very cool minty green, and then there’s also Celestial, which is a gorgeous sparkly taupe that makes for a sexy smoky daytime look.



How will you adjust your makeup for the cooling temps? Are you planning on adding any new colors to your makeup collections?




2 responses

28 08 2009

I LOVVVVE MAC ‘O’…I just pulled mine from my stash last week, it’s purrrrfect for this time of year!

28 08 2009

Re the Prep H: I think the old version is still available for purchase from Canada. Never tried it but I’m curious.

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