Climate Control

28 08 2009

By Abby

mailabbyIf you are anything like me, there may be times that you wished you had a neat little enviro-bubble to shield you from the perils of weather and external stresses as you pass through your day. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, your local climate is undoubtedly impacting your beauty routine, and I’m curious about how we all cope with what we’ve got.

I live in Southern California, and right now, we are in the full throes of very bright, dry, oven-like daily weather. Being right on the water, we are also drawn outside by all sorts of coastal fun, but the exposure to such harsh elements can really wreak havoc on your overall comfort!

Being an a outdoorsy person (ok, FINE…beach bum…there, I said it)…my constant climate control routine consists of staying protected from the sun, staying moisturized from head to toe, and keeping my hair from turning into hay. I also work in a busy, professional office, so I’m also concerned about looking fresh, crisp and put-together, despite what the climate is throwing at me. A few times out of the year, we will also be hit with Santa Ana winds, when the intensely hot winds blow from the east to the sea, blasting the city with an extra wave of desert heat…and they can wreak even more havoc on your beauty routine.

In order to keep doing what I love to do (be outside) and not succumb to the elements, I have a stash of A+ level “climate control” products to help me through without missing a beat.

Ocean Potion Ever Glow Moisturizer with Skin Darkeners. As a tropical mermaid wanna-be, I always want to look tan, but we all know how bad that is for your skin. I get a dose of this every evening, and I love the brown (not orange, golden, or penny-like) color that develops. It’s minimal, almost impossible to screw up. The creme-gel formula is very blendable and light, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t reek. Ocean Potion’s signature scent (orange creamsicle, to me) does a good job of masking the usual dihydroxyacetone horribleness. I’ve tried every self-tanner there is, high-end to low-end, and this is the one that works best for me. How is this climate control? Preventative, of course…the more color I have from this, the less I feel compelled to sit in the sun in the first place.

Essence of Beauty Body Butter. Without a moisturizer, I can get really uncomfortable. This one is a light, yet very emollient body butter that drenches skin in moisture without being greasy. It doesn’t take nine years to rub in, and you don’t have to wait to get dressed. It’s very portable, which is good, because I’m always dabbing it on my cuticles, using it as a hand cream, even smoothing dry hair ends in a pinch. Gotta love a multi-tasker! I get a large dose of this from neck to toes every morning. I personally love the Citrus Coconut scent, but E of B has lots to choose from.

Alba Botanicals Coconut Cream Lip Gloss. Lip balms and glosses are pretty much #1 on my list for climate control, and yet I am wildly picky about them. Some are too thin, too synthetic, too waxy…why bother? This one is creamy and deeply moisturizing, without being so sticky that my hair gets caught (hate that!). I have a tube of this stashed just about everywhere. When I’m at the beach, pool or in the desert, I switch to Hawaiian Tropic lipbalm with sunscreen. Another great favorite (yet becoming harder to find): Blistex Herbal Answer SPF 15. All are top-notch.

Karma Naturals Face Moisturizer with SPF 15. My face is slightly oily and breakout-prone, but moisturizer with SPF is a must in my climate. I love that it has titanium dioxide, which provides a nice physical-barrier sunblock and, as it turns out, gives a slight glow as well. The scent is light, and it comes in a huge tube which lasts forever. This goes on my face, ears, and neck every day.

Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner
. Yes folks, this is the spray that starred in a Facebook status update all its own, because I just love it so much. Light, yet hard-working, this is the conditioning spray that won my heart months ago. Sometimes, leave-in conditioners can make my hair feel gritty and coated, or worse, even more tangled than before! This one is delicate yet smooths out my strands, leaving my hair soft, silky and shiny. I use this on towel-dried hair as well as apply extra doses on dry hair as needed pool-side or at the beach. A big plus? It smells downright amazing.

CVS Brand Sun Protection Spray, SPF 30
. I go through sunscreen like water down a drain, therefore I have to keep an eye on the price tag just as much as the actual product performance. This one won’t let me down; it’s effective, waterproof and rub-proof sun protection that shields me from the searing sun no matter what I’m doing. The bottle really does spray in any direction, which makes it easy to get full coverage. OK, this one doesn’t smell fabulous, but boy does it work hard.

In addition to these products, other mandatory products in my stash include Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner (keeps my hair frizz-free, from the deep desert to the ocean waves), Boston Rewetting Eyedrops (not very glamourous, but imperative for comfort in this climate with my rigid gas permeable lenses), and Dove Clinical Strength anti-perspirant/deodorant (bullet-proof!). I’ve also concocted a great moisturizing face mist to keep on hand (especially great to combat icy blasts from dry air conditioning). Look for the recipe in my next blog.

So, you’ve seen my arsenal, what about yours? Are you Soaked in Seattle, Wilting in Washington DC, or Freezing in Freeport? I’d love to know what YOU do to create a little Climate Control and stay on the beauty beat!

*Editor’s note: some products such as the CVS sun protection spray don’t appear to be available online, so be sure to check your local CVS store to find it!




2 responses

28 08 2009

Such detailed info in your product reviews. Perfect!

29 08 2009

Great, Carol, I’m glad you enjoyed the info I provided!

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