Peek Into My Purse

27 08 2009

By Lisa

Any beauty worth her salt carries has an arsenal of products in her purse to keep her fresh and glowing throughout the day, and to handle any mishap that may come along. The following items have earned a permanent spot in my handbag:

 Sally Hansen Satin Effects Lipgloss in Pleasure: A staple for my $20 face, this sheer pink color goes with everything – it is beautiful on its own or can add shine to any lip color.

Retractable brush loaded up with today’s lip color: This takes up less room than a tube of lipstick, especially when my purse is tiny and I need to downsize. Bonus: no danger of the tube opening and getting all over everything.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil: This little red and yellow tube keeps my lips moist and adds just enough color to brighten my face. Tastes yummy to boot.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve: What don’t I use this for? Tames fly-away hair and brows, and one swipe takes me from day to evening by adding a sheen to my lids. Nice on my lips too.

Tin of Nivea Cream: I wash my hands all the time and this keeps them soft.

Nail file: I am always snagging my nails on something.

Heart-shaped tweezer: That stray hair wasn’t there this morning, I swear!

Mirror: My compact has regular and magnifying sides to help me snag that stray hair that just popped up.

Tide Pen: For life’s little spills.

purse photo

There WAS a mint in my purse but someone came along and ate it before this photo was snapped.



One response

27 08 2009

Hi Lisa! I love Smith’s Rosebud Salve too…have you tried the new Mocha Rose version (also from Smith’s)? I am on the HUNT!

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