Peek Into My Purse

26 08 2009

By Sheila

As a mom on the go, I tend to haul around a bit more than I really should in my mimosa-colored purse that I’ve nicknamed “The Mary Poppins”. In it you’ll find espresso powder, baby wipes, chocolate, a diaper, crayons, gum, and an assortment of gum wrappers. Besides all that really important stuff, I have a slew of products that never leave my side and that I rely on for touching up when needed.


Target “Up and Up” Baby Wipes – can’t leave home without these wonders they take care of mid-day beauty emergencies, coffee spills on clothes, and more. So gentle and beat out more expensive wipes branded for makeup use only any day.    

Sally Hansen Radiant Hands, Nails, & Cuticles Creme – another must-have. It’s not slippery, penetrates the dermis well, and the softening effects last.

MAC Pressed Blot Powder – nothing less than a godsend for oily-skinned people, it’s a translucent mattifying powder that absorbs oil and keeps your makeup fresh through the day. It doesn’t offer any coverage, just smoothes things over, and if you have oily skin, you know how important it is to keep those shinies away!

Stila Lip Glaze – I really love the textures of these. They’re smooth, not sticky, and the colors are gorgeous. My favorite shades are Brown Sugar and Guava.

MAC Dazzleglass in Smile – ok, I have a confession. There are actually around 10-15 more lipglosses rolling around in the bottom of “The Mary Poppins”. I have issues that I’m working on. However, the fact of the matter is that I reach for Smile more often than not. SUCH  a pretty light coral shade with glimmer that makes the perfect almost-nudie lip and makes up for the fact that the original MAC lip glasses often feel sticky and goopy. Just sayin’.

Chanel Yucatan Lipstick: A universally flattering rosy-beige shade, it glimmers and goes with pretty much every makeup combination I do on a regular basis. It’s something I bought on a whim when I was in the throes of my divorce and needed a boost. Still, when I take out and apply the lipstick, I feel that much more glamorous than before 😉

These products are tried-and-true and wouldn’t be with me on a daily basis if I didn’t really love them. What products will always have a place in your makeup bag?

Photo courtesy of yours truly.




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