Mavenette: Rebecca’s Story

26 08 2009

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with color and texture.  As a child, I *had* to have the biggest box of crayons with the fanciest colors, the brightest markers, colored paper, glitter, paints, you name it.  So, it seems appropriate today that I am in love with the grown-up version of crayons and markers and glitter: makeup.  I am still attracted to color, with something new and different and rich always catching my eye, or a new twist on an old, classic color.  Texture still fascinates me; the silky smoothness of a powder, the viscosity of a foundation, the level of stickiness of a lipgloss.  I see layers of color in everything, whether it’s the amount of black it takes to darken a blue shadow, or the exact color of the microglitter in a lipgloss.  I will try almost any color once.  I might not try it again, but I’ll give it a chance. 
The words ‘simple’, ‘natural’, and ‘understated’ are rarely seen in my personal makeup vocabulary.  I have a love for the smoky eye, dark lips, red lips, and big time eyelashes.  I am a sucker for any new mascara that promises long, thick lashes, and a shimmery gray eyeshadow.  I am always on the search for good oil control products.  And, as always, I just love playing with color.
Aside from makeup, I’m into looking for hair care products that work for my combination hair (oily roots, dry length, half curly, half straight, prone to frizz), and into fashion, especially the particular shopping challenges of plus-sized women.  I have a serious shoe fetish (inherited from my mother), and I love artisan jewelry made with natural stones and handmade beads.   I love to cook, I grow beautiful lilies, and I always have time for a nap on the couch with my cat, Gracie.




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7 09 2009
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