Who ya gonna call? Grease Busters!

24 08 2009

By Taryn

This is part I of a three part series I’m doing on anti-oil products from Japan that actually do what they say! Anyway, on to the review…


Yup, that’s what this product I’ll be reviewing for you should be called.  My face has more grease on it than your local Pep Boys garage.  I’m constantly searching for a product that will keep my face oil-free and doesn’t contain silicones. (I’m able to use a silicone product around my nose, but nowhere on my cheeks unless I want big breakouts.)

So, in my search for the ideal oil absorber, I found this Japanese product called Lepoze Oil-Off Mist.

It’s a little spray bottle with sediment at the bottom that you shake well and mist on your face. My preferred method is to spray a little into my palm and tap it onto wherever my skin needs it. It doesn’t dry out my face at all as it doesn’t appear to have alcohol in it.  There is no stinging or burning – just clean, matte skin.  I can’t read the ingredients, but I’m 99% sure there are no silicones in this product either because it has no “slip” to it and hasn’t caused breakouts.

You can order Lepoze Oil-Off Mist for a reasonable $10.20 USD from sasa.com.  I’ve ordered from Sasa numerous times and have always gotten great service and fairly quick shipping (seeing as it comes from Hong Kong), so they come highly recommended from me.

I give this an easy 10/10 and I hope this will be the solution for my fellow oil-plagued gals out there!




3 responses

15 09 2009
Jessi Pagel

Oh my goodness I need this product, I’m going to get it now!!! One for me and one for my kit, I know a few talent that would love me forever after this one!!!

Thanks so much!!

4 10 2009
Part III of Grease Busters « Painted Ladies

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9 03 2010
Sarah Helfgott

Have you tried Murad’s Oil Control Mattifier? It works differently than this product (it’s not a spray, it’s a cream), but it’s also realllyy good at controlling oil. Also works as a moisturizer and primer for under makeup! As a fellow oily-skinned gal myself, I’m obsessed with it!


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