Special Events: How Do You Prep?

24 08 2009

By Sheila

The next couple of weeks are going to be uncharacteristically super busy for me; along with my normal busy routine, we have a couple of birthday parties to attend, and this coming Friday I will be doing something that will air on TV (ahem, ahem).

With so many special occasions, I am preparing myself mentally and physically to make sure I feel and look my very best. I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve before times like these, and will be pulling them out in the next few days.

The first thing I always make sure to do is increase my water intake. It’s easy for me to drink diet sodas and overdo the coffee thing, and I often forget how much of a difference water makes in my appearance and general feeling. So, water becomes my new best friend and I make sure to drink a LOT of it. Maybe a couple diet sodas here and there, and of course the coffee, but water, water everywhere.

My feet get a real beating throughout the week – with running here and there in flip flops and heels, they often need some TLC and in order to properly showcase them, I make sure to treat them well. In the shower I use the Angel Feet File and smooth things down with a Swedish Clover Foot File. Right before bed, I smooth things over with Bath & Body Work’s Heel of Approval, which works WONDERS. Alternatively, I love to use Aquaphor, which is such a great general product — no it’s a miracle product that no one should be without!

My skin is oily, and in order to keep things under control, I’ll use the aspirin mask a couple days before. Simply  take a couple uncoated aspirin tablets, dissolve them in a couple of drops of water in your hand, apply to face, let dry for a few minutes and then wash off. The exfoliation and benefits of salicylic acid really help to freshen things up and provide a smooth canvas for makeup application, i.e., fewer bumps. I’ve been recommending it for years and years and years, and it never disappoints!

I wish I could recommend getting more sleep, but I never get sleep! Seriously, it’s a side effect of parenthood! However, I do remember back in the day that getting a good night’s rest used to help me feel better in general, so do as I say and not as I do in this regards!

What things do you do before a special event to boost your appearance?




One response

25 08 2009

I’m an exfoliation junkie, but bump it up for special occasions. I have tried the aspirin mask you mentioned, and like it. Though I normally do a clay mask after scrubbing my face with my Salux cloth.

I always make sure my lash extensions are nice and freshly touched up before a special occasion.

And the water is a great thing to make sure you are adding.

I need to give my feet the attention you do!

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