Battle of the Eyeshadow Transformers

23 08 2009

By Taryn

Who will win? High end or low end?

An eyeshadow transformer is a liquid that turns any shadow color into a liquid liner. What you do is run the brush over your shadow and then apply to your lid just like applying liquid liner. (Word of caution on that: you may want to only use the transformer in a corner of your shadow pan and not all over, otherwise the surface may develop a strange texture. I personally prefer using loose shadows for this.) Or, if you’re using pigments like the MAC Golden Olive I used below, just tap a bit of pigment into the jar lid, dip your brush into it, mix it up a bit, and you have liquid liner. If the consistency seems a bit too thin, just add more pigment or shadow.

I believe Too Faced came out with one of the very first, but the ones I’ll be reviewing today are from Urban Decay and Jesse’s Girl. UD retails for $18, Jesse’s Girl is $5.99. The pictures will tell most of the story here.

First up, here are the two products:

Both have dual ends, one with a fine brush and the other a wider one:

As for brilliance of color, here they are side-by-side (UD left, JG right):

The final contest was staying power. Both dried to a durable, long-lasting finish and the color was true with each product – it wasn’t watered down or thin-looking.

Who wins? Jesse’s Girl, by a mile, just for the sheer value. Urban Decay’s product has a nicer fine-tip brush, but is it worth $12 more? No way. Both are terrific, brilliant products, but I will definitely buy the more inexpensive of the two so I can save my pennies and splurge on something more fabulous later (like, oh, I don’t know…maybe another shade of UD lipstick from their fall lineup?). I only wish I had found the Jesse’s Girl transformer first!

You can find Jesse’s Girl on their website and at Rite Aid stores; Urban Decay is at Sephora and on their website.

Both get a 10/10 rating for what they can do.  It’s just a matter of considering if you want to pay $12 more for a slightly nicer brush.  These are still two very high-quality products, no matter which you choose.




2 responses

23 08 2009

Thank you!! I will be heading out to Rite Aid tomorrow~

25 08 2009

That looks really cool! Does the brush get stained with the shadow? Maybe it is something that could be cleaned and dried before putting back into the tube.

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