Review of Urban Decay’s new Oil Slick lipstick

21 08 2009

By Taryn

I am ghastly white, but when I saw the new Urban Decay Oil Slick lipstick, I fell in love.  First of all, I love black anything, although with makeup I have to keep it to a minimum since it looks harsh on pale skin.  But this lipstick was different – it was sheer and had sparkle to it, and it almost had a brownish cast.  So, I took advantage of Sephora’s excellent returns policy and ordered it, figuring no harm done if it didn’t work out.

Turns out it did work and will be perfect for fall! The kicker is that it works for me by putting it over a red lip pencil.  On its own, it isn’t flattering to my skintone, but with red mixed in, it becomes the perfect burgundy lip.

To show you the difference, I took some pictures:


The lipstick itself – UD Oil Slick


Oil Slick on bare lips – ready for the morgue and it is unforgiving on chapped lips.


Oil Slick with Lise Watier red lip pencil underneath – that’s more like it!

What’s even better is that they must have changed the flavor on their new fall releases because the bitter taste that plagued the older lipsticks appears to be lessened.  I didn’t notice much flavor with this one, but with the other UD lipsticks, there was a definite bitter bite if you licked your lips by accident.

The scent is slightly different as well.  The older lipsticks had more of a caramel-like aroma while this one smells more like buttercream to me.  I prefer the older scent, but will gladly take this one in exchange for less of the bitter, acidic flavor.

Packaging is very elegant, but impractical due to the possibility of the dagger breaking off, which would leave it very difficult to open, but this is minor for me since I’m careful with my cosmetics.

Finally, while certainly not a “green” cosmetic product, it doesn’t contain parabens, which I consider a huge plus.

Urban Decay’s Oil Slick can be found at for $22.  Not exactly budget-friendly, but it’s a nice splurge or something to save for your Friends & Family list.

Overall, this gets a 7/10 rating from me.




5 responses

21 08 2009

Thanks for the pics… I love when MAC’s last Black Lipgloss, but it does work best under another color… try it with coral (I know it sounds like a weird combo, but actually works great!!

22 08 2009

Pretty! Reminds me a little of Clinique Black Honey (at least from my screen)!

22 08 2009

This is interesting. I am more into sheer colors right now. I might have to check this out. Thanks for reviewing.

23 08 2009

You have perfect-shaped lips and wear it well! Really pretty. Thanks for the pics and review.

23 08 2009
darlene martin

………..mmmmm while that color scared me initially,it’s looks kick-ass on you! Unfortunately I would bet my entire taupe eyeshadow collection that on ME it turns fuschia!
I love love LOVE the UD container it comes in….holy heck I would feel like a million buck pulling that out in public and applying it. Too bad it has a faint bitter taste-I had a bad experience with a lipstick’s taste and unfortunatley have never gotten over it.

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