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21 08 2009
dezzPresumably like most little girls, I grew up admiring my mom thinking she was the most beautiful woman in the world.  I wanted to wear her shoes, apply her eyeliner, and would hold her shimmery, smoky blue eye shadow quad in my hands as if it were gold–thinking that if I were lucky enough, I would transform into a mini version of her.   (I suppose it’s not very surprising if I divulged that my almost-two year old daughter already mimics me as I apply makeup in the mornings and can enunciate ‘makeup’ better than she says ‘thank you’!)

Now as a woman, I find that not too many things have changed:  My mother’s still beautiful in my eyes, I am rarely seen without eyeliner, and will buy any and ALL smoky blue eye shadow quads!   I’ve accumulated quite a collection over the years, and part of the excitement for me is the few minutes I have in the morning where I open my train case and choose from the many beautiful shades and colors of eye shadow, lip gloss, and blush. 

I’m also known for sometimes wearing glittery eye shadow to work.  Why not?  I feel that while makeup is a strong tool, it should also be used for FUN !   I like to play with it more than I try to ‘correct’ things.  I believe that just because I’m ‘only’ dropping my son off to football practice doesn’t mean I can’t swipe on some shimmery lipgloss!  For me, it is for all occasions, and not just those nights out on the town, or the yearly holiday parties at work.   It makes me feel more presentable, prettier, and is as important as any other accessory in my closet—only it goes on my face.
My beauty interests also include maintaining healthy skin, managing the ‘shinies’ that pop up by noon,  and wrinkle prevention.  I have an oily complexion during the summer and combination the rest of the year.  I would like to find THE ultimate foundation that mimics healthy, dewy skin (is that possible for people with oily/combination skin?)  that doesn’t melt off by noon while running around at work.  I also seem to have difficulty finding eyeliner that doesn’t smudge/smear, and mascara that doesn’t ‘uncurl’ my lashes. 
Aside from being a proud Painted Lady, I am also a military wife to my best friend, a proud mama, registered nurse, and own an invitation business on Etsy.  I also have a passion for anything crafty, so if you don’t find me at my local Sephora checking out the beautiful shades of eye shadow there, I am probably at Michael’s picking out pretty papers and ribbons for my next project. 

I truly look forward to joining in on this venture and am SO grateful to be here!   

[Publisher’s note: Desiree is the amazing talent behind our new banner. She is truly gifted! Love you! – Sheila]




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24 08 2009
24 08 2009

Aw, Dez – that was a good read!! xoxo, you are always so prettily done up!! You exude ladiness! he he

Just have to share such a girly moment that happened over the weekend, and now to find you have the perfect outlet for such a story!!

I had ordered a TON of makeup last year from E.L.F. and sent a box full to my younger sister in Philly, right around when she moved, so it was returned to me “return to sender”…

This weekend after a pool party, before dinner, me and the girls got changed in my room, yet none of us had makeup with us, so I remembered the box sitting in my closet all packaged up, and announced I had a surprise. I ripped open the box and all of it’s contents cascaded onto the floor and they all dropped to their knees and ooohed and giggled like it was candy – gave it all away, it was awesome!!! New party item, perhaps?? MAKE-UP PINATAS!!!!

Ha ha – can’t wait to read more of your contributions to this site!!

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