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20 08 2009



I remember it like it was yesterday. A group of older girls were talking about Sunset Pink blush from Stagelight Cosmetics. At this point in my life, my beauty regime consisted of Chapstick but all I knew was … I had to have that blush. It would instantly transform me from a girl to a glowing, sexy and dangerous woman.
I never did get that blush. The sales woman talked me into another shade because it would go better with my coloring – but I think more likely because I was just a slip of a girl – barely a teen – and Sunset Pink said “WOW!” I wasn’t ready for WOW …yet.
The years that followed consisted of many makeup misteps; if a trend came out – I wore it. Who cared if it went with my brown hair and eyes, and fair skin? Bright pink cheeks … blue eyeshadow … obvious bronzer. I had a eyeshadow kit with every shade of the rainbow and I wore every one of them. At least twice a week, my mother told me I looked like someone socked me in the eye.
Slowly but surely, I learned at the hands of the experts. Nothing made me happier than to sit in front of a makeup artist with a bare face and let him or her have at it. I had enough makeup to single-handedly keep America beautiful. There was nothing like coming home with a mall with a bag full of makeup, dumping it on the bed, and just enjoying its untouched beauty and the promise it held. These little compacts and jars would let me create any look I wanted. I’m not handy with a paint brush and I can’t sing a note, but with makeup, I was an artist.
I’ve curbed my addiction over the years. There are only so many shades of champagne eyeshadow one can have. But I get my rush in other ways – friends often ask me to do them up or help them shop for cosmetics. I pride myself in being able to make someone beautiful for under $20. My god-daughter, 4, is a Painted Lady in training. She would watch me put on makeup and after I was finished ask me to make her pretty. Don’t worry Sara and David – no makeup from Auntie Lisa until Kate is in her teens.
I’m looking forward to sharing my tips and tricks, and very excited to be a Painted Lady. Cosmetics helped me find my internal Wow and I want to help other women to find it too.

[Publisher’s note: Lisa is the one who came up with the Painted Ladies moniker in the first place! Thank you so very much, Lisa!]




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